Best Electric Toothbrush For Kids – Tested & Reviewed

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Time and again, we have heard this advice from our dentists: brush your teeth properly at least twice a day. Even back when we were kids, brushing our teeth has been one of the main ways to maintain our dental health. Just visit this website, and you will understand the importance of having a disease-free mouth. This link can also provide you with the necessary information on how to painlessly care for your oral health.

As modern technology continues to improve and make like easier, many manual products are now available in its mechanical counterparts. That is the case with the electric toothbrush. Let us learn about the difference between an electric and manual toothbrush, the benefits of using the electric type, if this is preferred for kids, and how to choose the best electric toothbrush brands for kids.

Editorial Choice:

We always want the best for our kids. Choosing the best toothbrush for them is not an exemption, especially if it means spending some more with an electric type. Because you are willing to give your kids the best brushing experience and are confused as to what brand should you trust, we have interviewed dentists and other dental professionals what brand they would recommend for their parents to provide both dental protection and comfort. we also talked to parents of kids who use electric toothbrushes to see which brand they prefer and would recommend other parents to use for their child. Here is the top five brands that both parents and dentists claim to be the most ideal electric toothbrush for kids.

Best overall: Philips Sonicare For Kids
‘This rechargeable electric toothbrush has a fun, interactive app that may encourage reluctant school-age kids to develop good habits, making it fun and effective at the same time!’

Best Toothbrush for Sensitive Teeth: Oral-B Kids Electric Toothbrush
‘Designed with your kid’s favorite cartoon character, you can be sure that cleaning their teeth is enjoyable using this high-quality kid-friendly toothbrush!’

Best Value for Money: Colgate Kids Power Toothbrush
‘On-the-budget teeth cleaning is made safe and effective using this tried-and-tested brand for kids. Great choice for beginner electric toothbrush users too!’

Best Kid-Friendly Design: Brusheez Kid’s Electric toothbrush Set
‘This electric toothbrush is interactive and is really eye-catching for kids to make brushing fun!’

Best User-Friendly Electric Toothbrush: Quip Kids Electric Toothbrush
‘With its simple yet sleek design, this easy to handle kid electric toothbrush is the favorite of many parents for their stylish kids.’

Top Picks for Best Electric Toothbrush Brands For Kids

Philips Sonicare For Kids

Philips Sonicare For Kids

Search the internet for the best electric toothbrush for kids, and you will see that most websites will include Philips Sonicare for Kids in their top ten best electric toothbrush brands. Actually, even adults choose Philips Sonicare as their electric toothbrush brand. Just looking at the cute designs of this electric toothbrush available in pink and blue variants would make your kids want to brush their teeth more frequently! The handle is shaped appropriately so it is easier for your kids to hold them. No slip-ups from their tiny fingers!  Plus, it has QuadPacer – a kidpacer feature that has a musical tune that alerts the child to move his brushing to the upper or lower, right or left quadrant of the mouth!

  1. Kid-friendly design that is cute, colorful, and vibrant
  2. Has Bluetooth connectivity directly linked to a play app on your child’s device
  3. An ultrasonic electric toothbrush that cleans your kid’s teeth efficiently
  4. Has a built-in timer that requires kids to brush for 2 minutes (recommended by dentists)

  1. More expensive than regular electric toothbrushes for kids

Available at Amazon

  • Electric brush set that includes a Bluetooth-connected rechargeable toothbrush, bristle head, charger base, 8 handle stickers for customization, and another 2 bonus sticker sheets
  • Colors: Aqua/Blue variant for boys and Pink variant for girls

Oral-B Kids Electric Toothbrush

Oral B Kids Electric Toothbrush

Also one of the main choices for the top 10 best electric toothbrush brands for kids, Oral-B Kids Sensitive Teeth Electric Toothbrush can really get your little one to enjoy brushing their teeth! Oral-B’s rechargeable version for kids aged 3 years and older are available with a selection of different cartoon character designs that all kids love! Love Disney princesses and other Disney animated movies like Toy Story, Frozen, and The Little Mermaid? They will surely love using their toothbrush once they see the stickers on the handle! It also has a round brush head that makes it easier and safer to clean your kid’s teeth. Like other electric brushes for kids, this, too, has a built-in timer to encourage kids to brush efficiently for two minutes.

  1. Has extra soft bristles perfect for kids with sensitive teeth
  2. Has interchangeable handle stickers that make the toothbrush more attractive for kids
  3. Has a magic timer to guide you kid to brush different parts of the teeth
  4. Compatible with other Oral-B brush heads

  1. It is almost the same size as the adult type of Oral-B electric toothbrush

Available at Amazon

  • Electric brush set that includes a rechargeable handle, charger base, handle stickers, and sensitive brush head
  • Product design varies based on availability:

* Disney Princesses ( The Little Mermaid)
* Super Tooth
* Star Wars
* Toy Story
* Frozen

Brusheez Children’s Electronic Toothbrush Set

Brusheez Children's Electronic Toothbrush Set

Describe what an adorable toothbrush looks like, and you will likely mention Brusheez Kids’ Electric Toothbrush set! This electric toothbrush is a cute and lovable brushing set that little boys and girls will surely love! Each set contains an electric toothbrush and cover, an extra brush head, a rinsing cup, a two-minute sand timer, a storage base and a brushing chart that helps you and your kid monitor their brushing! The whole package looks cute and attractive to put on sinks and countertops to remind kids about their enjoyable tooth brushing session!

  1. A delightful design that attracts kids to brush their teeth
  2. A battery-operated toothbrush that uses 2 AA batteries instead of electricity
  3. Storage base can be mounted on the wall
  4. An inexpensive option for kids who are beginner users of an electric toothbrush

  1. Has no built-in timer and a sand timer is made with glass (may break easily if dropped)

Available at Amazon

  • A complete set with different designs:

* Pepper the Dino (Red and Blue)
* Prancy the Pony (Pink and Green)
* Sparkle the Unicorn (White and Pink)

Colgate Kids Power Toothbrush

Colgate Kids Power Toothbrush

A product for one of the world’s greatest toothpaste brands, Colgate Kids Power toothbrush offers what most electric toothbrushes for kids can provide; enjoyable, effective, and safe tooth brushing experience! Boasting an oscillating bristle head that gently cleans and polishes our kids’ teeth, it is no wonder that this product is another quality appliance from a world-renowned brand that has been in service for many years.  The simple but colorful design of this battery-operated kid toothbrush makes it an affordable choice for many parents our there!

  1. Battery-operated, easy to use, and kid-friendly power toothbrush
  2. Has extra-soft bristles that gently but effectively clean the teeth and gums
  3. One of the most affordable power toothbrush for kids
  4. A product of a world-renowned dental product manufacturer- promises quality

  1. Some parents complain that it can be easily broken and batteries are hard to replace

Available at Amazon:

  • Pack of 1 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles variant

Quip Kids Electric Toothbrush Set

Quip Kids Electric Toothbrush Set

A toothbrush with an easy-grip handle, waterproof stem, and lightweight body; these are the main benefits of choosing Quip Kids Electric Toothbrush. Its slim handle makes it easier for little fingers to hold them securely.  Quip uses sonic vibrations, which is effective in gently breaking down plaque buildup in our kids’ teeth. Quip’s electric toothbrush for kids also comes with a two-minute timer that temporarily stops at 30-second intervals to signal kids that it is time to switch to a different section of their mouth! Simple, sleek, and small; a Quip toothbrush may be all that your kid needs to take care of his teeth safely and enjoyably!

  1. Has a sleek and simple design that makes it easier for kids to use
  2. Has a built-in timer that guides kids to clean every part of their mouth effectively
  3. Has a free bristle head refill
  4. Quip Kids Electric Toothbrush can be returned within 30-day warranty

  1. Considered as an expensive option for a child’s toothbrush

Available at Amazon

  • 1 set in color Purple

What is an Electric Toothbrush?

An electric toothbrush is the mechanical equivalent of a manual toothbrush. It has a built-in motor that produces rapid automatic bristle motions in different directions. Some of the common directions the bristle motions follow include the lateral or side-to-side movement, circular rotation, or counter oscillation.

Other electric toothbrush types include an ultrasonic toothbrush that combines vibration and bristle motion at an increased speed rate of more than 20 Hz.

You can also choose an ionic toothbrush that passes on an electrical charge to the tooth surface to disrupt the buildup of plaque and tartar that can cause cavities and tooth decay.

Manual vs. Electric Toothbrush

what is best electric toothbrush for kidsIf there are already upgrades of manual toothbrushes to electric ones, why do we have to choose what to use? Some may assume that an electric toothbrush is better than any manual brushes.

Here, let us discover the pros and cons of both toothbrush types to help you choose which is most suitable to your needs and preferences.

Manual Toothbrush: Advantages


The most common type of toothbrush, manual types are the most accessible kind. You can find different types in any grocery store, pharmacy, beauty bar, gas station, or convenience store. Anywhere you go, you can always find a manual toothbrush available for you to buy and use.

Easy to Use

When we say you can use it anywhere you are, we mean anytime and wherever you are. You do not need to charge it or put batteries in your manual toothbrush to use it. Just put some toothpaste, and you are ready to clean your teeth hassle-free!


Manual toothbrushes are also inexpensive. With a lot of brands and types to choose from, you can select a piece that you may use temporarily or stock some for everyday use. Expect that a piece will cost you as low as only a dollar or two.

Manual Toothbrush: Disadvantages

manual toothbrush pros

Manual toothbrushes are mentioned to have different kinds and types. Some have hard, medium, soft, and extra soft bristles, depending on your dental condition. Because there are so many kinds to choose from, it is more possible for you to choose the wrong kind and afflict discomfort to your teeth and gums.

What’s worse is that you may choose a type that will not affect the plaque and tartar buildup in between your teeth because they are too weak to handle your dental issues.

Because of the latter situation, more people will tend to brush their teeth a little harder than necessary. And this practice will create further complications for the teeth and gums. You can also either extend or shorten your brushing period because you have no idea how long you have been brushing your teeth.

Electric Toothbrush: Advantages

Removes plaque easier

Incorporation oscillation and vibration, electric toothbrushes work efficiently in removing the food debris and other plaque-producing dirt from the surface of the teeth.

Ideal for users with limited movement

Sometimes, people whose work is centered on using their hands would complain of hand pain or weakness, making it hard for them to maintain their usual daily routine like brushing their teeth. Using an electric toothbrush will make it easier for them to clean their teeth and gums.

Built-in timer

Most electric toothbrush brands boast added functionalities – a built-in timer that makes it easier for the user to monitor the length of brushing time per session.

Some also have various brushing modes or pressure sensors to monitor if you are brushing too hard.  You lessen the chances of overdoing or under-doing cleaning your teeth every time. Some even have Bluetooth connectivity top monitor your brushing habits directly to an app on your phone or device!

Less wastage

With manual toothbrushes, you are advised to replace them every 3 months or less after you had a dental or oral condition. However, when you use an electric toothbrush, you only need to replace the head or the upper part of the device where the bristles are located. The base will remain and is rechargeable, so you would not need to replace them very often.

Preferred for orthodontic patients

Remember how difficult it is to brush your teeth when you have wires, brackets, and elastic bands attached to your teeth? Well, using an electric toothbrush will make it easier for you to clean the hard-to-reach edges and grooves.

Electric Toothbrush: Disadvantages

electric toothbrush pros best electric toothbrush kids burwood

More expensive

You can expect that electric toothbrushes are at least 10 times more expensive than manual brushes. An adult electric toothbrush cost ranges from $15 to $270 depending on the brand and additional features that it has in store for you. For instance, the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9700, one of the high-end models of electric toothbrushes for adults, costs almost $270 because of its cool high-tech features and functionality.

Additionally, if you are planning on getting an electric toothbrush, prepare a budget for bristle head replacements ($10 to $45 each), batteries ($5 to $10 each), and the electricity it needs to recharge it after every use.

Harder to find

Finding the bristle head replacement for your chosen electric toothbrush may not be as easy as you may think. Sometimes, some brands may become out of stock if the one you need may already be upgraded, so you have to buy a new unit altogether.

To lessen this problem, try to stock on extra bristle heads ahead of time.

Inconvenient to use outdoors

Because electric toothbrushes need to be recharged or have batteries to fully function, it is suggested for home use only. Traveling with an electric toothbrush is only ideal if you have an adapter for international use, and is only recommended if you are sure that your unit is fully charged. If not, you can still use it but only as a manual toothbrush alone.

It is not eco-friendly

Many manual toothbrushes today are made using sustainable materials like bamboo, charcoal, and recyclable plastic. Although electric toothbrushes only replace the bristle part of the device, on the other hand, they use batteries and electricity to work, making them less environment-friendly.

How to Use an Electric Toothbrush?

Now that you know the pros and cons of using an electric toothbrush as compared to its predecessor, you may wonder how you should use it correctly. Well, some electric toothbrush brands have special instructions, but simply put, you just have to use the electric toothbrush by following the direction of its bristle rotation and movement.

Do not fight the normal movement and vibration of the brush; instead, glide it gently from one tooth to another and allow it to do its job. Do not attempt to put too much pressure on the bristles as well because it will rub on the teeth and gums more, scratching your dental cavity harder than necessary and making them more sensitive and uncomfortable in the process.

How Long Should You Brush Your Teeth With An Electric Toothbrush?

how to use best electric toothbrush kids burwoodOne of the perks of using an electric toothbrush is that most of them have a built-in timer that helps you monitor your brushing time. Using a manual toothbrush makes it hard for you to follow the ideal amount of time for brushing your teeth because you are just estimating the time from when you started brushing.

Some hypercritical people just stop brushing their teeth when their gums start to bleed, while some just brush their teeth a bit and stops after several seconds, think that it is enough.

With electric toothbrushes, just follow the recommended length of time depending on your brush type. When you hear a beep, it’s a signal that you have efficiently spent an ample amount of time necessary to clean your pearly whites.

Can Kids Use An Electric Toothbrush?

Now, when electric toothbrushes are the topic, a common question we would get is if it is safe for kids to use as well. The way to answer this question is quite complex because there are different ways to look at it. Let us break down what factors you need to look into when deciding if you want your child to use an electric toothbrush.

Kids may be afraid to use it the first time

You must understand that the concept of brushing kids’ teeth are portrayed in videos and TV shows using a manual toothbrush, so the buzzing, vibrating, and additional motions that an electric toothbrush creates may scare them at first.

Kids may break it accidentally

Because most electric toothbrushes are bulkier and heavier than the manual ones, kids may drop it accidentally or may put water near the motor, damaging the device. It is advisable that kids should be older than 3 years and above so that they have at least an understanding of how to properly clean their teeth while taking care of their device.

choosing best electric toothbrush kids burwoodIt is easier to use for kids

When it comes to brushing the teeth efficiently and safely. Electric toothbrushes are the best bet for kids. Why? Because the automatic rotation and movement of the bristles make it easier for the parent to polish and remove the stains from the child’s teeth without accidentally hurting the kids’ gums.

Kids will also find it easier to brush because they do not need to move their hands up and down to facilitate brushing. They just have to follow the direction of the bristles, and they are good to go!

Some brands have kid-friendly electric toothbrush kinds

As we have mentioned earlier, some kids may find it scary to hear buzzing sounds with their electric toothbrushes. However, there are kid versions that have music and light elements to entertain the kids while brushing their teeth.

Some electric toothbrushes are also made sporting different cartoon characters and have a built-in timer that chimes a nursery tune after 2 minutes.

How to Choose The Best Electric Toothbrush For Toddlers?

When choosing the best electric toothbrush brands for kids, there are many factors that you should look for in order to assess if one is indeed the most suitable for your child. Here are some of the things that you need to consider as a parent who wants the best dental care for their toddlers.

  • The bristles should be able to effectively remove plaque and tartar buildup
  • The electric toothbrush should have an easy-to-hold and non-slip handle.
  • The electric toothbrush should not be too heavy or bulky for the kid to hold with one hand.
  • The size of the bristle head should fit the size of your child’s mouth
  • The bristles should be extra gentle so as not to unnecessarily scratch the child’s teeth and gums.
  • The electric toothbrush body should at least have a colorful design or boasts an entertaining pattern or cartoon character for the kids to enjoy
  • The device may have additional features like a musical timer, a dancing light, or a vibrating body that matches the music while brushing.
  • The power source of the electric toothbrush should be safe for kids. It is not recommended for kid’s electric toothbrush to have power-charging bases like the adult versions.

Now, if you are still undecided and you want to try something that will make you and your child’s teeth and gums healthy for life, check out this link so you can be educated and oriented on important information that you should consider if you want to try a fresh, new approach in achieving a disease-free mouth.

Dental 266 is following firm rules and regulations regarding its research procedures and has conducted well-organized surveys and interviews based on scientific data. It also sources out peer reviews and dental research studies from reputable academic institutions as well as international dental associations.

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