Dental Bridge Vs Implant

What are the differences between a dental bridge vs implant and how do you know which is best for you? Dental implants are often favoured over bridges because of the level of customisation that goes into their construction and the comfort and confidence they provide.

If you rewind 50 years into the past, you would only have the option of a bridge to replace your teeth. In order to accommodate it, your dentist would have to remove some of the enamel from the teeth next to the site.

With a dental implant, only one tooth is replaced, providing a stronger, more permanent alternative.

If your teeth have missing for some time, it is likely that you will have lost gum and / or bone, and an implant will not be possible. Your dentist may also recommend a bridge if the teeth around the site have big fillings, or may need them in the future.

The Pros Of Dental Implants

It’s easier to keep your mouth clean

It is easier to keep your mouth clean with an implant. This is because bridges are held in place by three connected crowns. This makes it more difficult to floss and brush thoroughly.

Implants protect your jawbone

Dental implants are intended to preserve bone loss whereas bridges may cause wear and tear in the mouth.

Implants last longer

Dental implants are more robust than bridges and in most cases, can last a lifetime. A dental bridge can be expected to last up to 10 years with exceptional care, but it can cause wear on the natural teeth in your mouth, making it prone to gum disease and tooth decay. Most dentists recommend changing a dental bridge every five to seven years.

Implants are natural-looking

Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, your dentist will be able to ensure your implant is matched very closely to the rest of your teeth, making it appear natural and restoring your confidence.

The Pros Of Dental Bridges

They are quick and easy

Having a dental bridge doesn’t require surgery, making it quicker, easier, more affordable and less painful than implants.

Dental Bridge Vs Implant: The Costs

Dental bridges cost less in the short term but because of their shorter lifespan, will need to be replaced. Initially, the cost of dental implants will seem higher, but they are more cost effective over the long term because they last longer and are less likely to cause damage to the mouth or surrounding teeth.

If you simply cannot afford implants, a dental bridge is better than doing nothing at all.

If you have struggled with dental hygiene in the past and have surrounding teeth with cavities, fillings or gum disease, your dentist is likely to recommend implants. On the other hand, if you are a heavy smoker your dentist may insist on a dental bridge.

The most important tip we can give you is to discuss your particular case with one of our professional dentists, so s/he can recommend the best course of treatment. Contact us today for an appointment: (02) 9051 0600 .

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