Dental Implants – Does The Procedure Hurt?

dental implant

Nobody likes pain do they? Which is why some people considering a dental implant decide not to go ahead with the dental implant procedure. They mistakenly associate surgery with pain which is why we’re here to put your mind at ease and tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, due to modern anesthetics and the skill of the dentist,  patients won’t feel any pain during the procedure whatsoever.

Dental implant treatment planning

dental implantThe fact is that the hardest part of the procedure is carried out before you even go ‘chair-side’. Surgeons and dentists plan your dental implant surgery meticulously using a series of X-rays and 3D images so that they can pinpoint the location of nerves, blood vessels, and sinus cavities. They also determine the depth of your bone and whether indeed you have enough of it to support the dental implant. Armed with all this information they can calculate with precision the trajectory and depth for the implant to be placed, ensuring a quicker, safer, and more comfortable surgery for you.

The procedure itself uses a local anaesthetic to numb the area. Some dental clinics even offer oral sedation for nervous or anxious patients so they’re not aware of the situation at all, although they can still respond to the dentist. Generally speaking, dental implant surgery is over in no time at all, and for the vast majority of patients, the treatment is akin to having a filling.

Dental implant surgery recovery

dental implantPost surgery you may feel slight discomfort for a few days depending on the extent of your surgery. You may also experience some facial swelling and the site of your implant is likely to feel a little sore. Don’t worry, over the counter painkillers should bring any pain under control and cold compresses will help bring out any swelling. In some cases people receiving a single dental implant  may be well enough to return to work the following day. For others, they might need a couple more days to recover.

Once your dental implant has fully stabilised all that’s left for us to do is to attach your dental crown and voilà! You have a beautiful seamless smile.

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