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When Should I Get a Dental Crown or Bridge?

When your teeth have been extensively restored, undergone root canal treatment, or mostly damaged by decay, trauma, cracks or tooth wear and tear conditions, we can place either a dental bridge or a dental crown.

A dental crown caps a single tooth with high-quality dental ceramic materials. When placing a crown, it immediately strengthens the tooth while providing the best shield against fractures or cracks with superior aesthetics.

When you want to replace one or more missing teeth, what you need is a dental bridge procedure. Dental bridges consist of three or more crowns connected or ‘bridged’ together, which are then capped onto the neighbouring teeth of the empty space.

What To Expect When Getting A Crown Or Dental Bridge

At Dental 266, we perform a thorough examination before we begin a careful crown and bridge preparation to start your treatment. Getting either a crown or dental bridge only takes two visits to improve your smile significantly. We will initially reduce the size of your anchor teeth to prepare them for your crowns.

Our dentist needs to create an impression of the area to be restored and a mould for your new crown or bridge that fits snugly in your mouth. Our dental laboratory will then use this mould to set up and complete your crown or bridge within 2-3 weeks.

While waiting during this time, you will receive a temporary bridge or crown to cover up the space to be treated. You will need to see your dentist again once the permanent dental bridge or crown is ready to be placed.

Trust any of our seven dental professionals will perform a wonderful job to restore your teeth and brighten up your smile. You will also learn about the best at-home, post-treatment care routine to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy, free from plaque build-up or decay.

Call us now on to book an appointment at Dental 266 to restore your damaged tooth back to its full function and appearance. Let us help you achieve a dazzling, straight smile!


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