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White Tooth Fillings

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White Tooth Fillings


If you have cavities or severe dental decay, white tooth fillings and other forms of restorative dentistry at Dental 266 can repair your tooth structure and prevent further tooth damage.

Dental decay can worsen over time and lead to severe infection. When left untreated, a severely decayed tooth will lead to a serious nerve infection and will end up with a root canal treatment or extraction. That is why dental fillings provide an important solution of blocking tooth decay or prevent a bigger problem from occurring.

How do Dental Fillings Work?

Getting a dental filling is a very fast and relatively painless process. Our dentist will begin by numbing the area around the decayed tooth. Using anaesthetic ensures that you will feel no pain during the procedure. We will use a dental drill to remove the decayed areas and create a smooth surface to which the filling will adhere. The filling hardens quickly and begins protecting your tooth immediately.

Benefits of White Tooth Fillings

Composite Resin Fillings, popularly known as White Tooth Fillings, are a superb way to camouflage the fact that your teeth have had dental work on a cavity or some other dental problem. Usually made from a mixture of glass and natural tooth-coloured ingredients, white tooth fillings not just maintain the structural integrity of your tooth but
also preserve its aesthetic qualities. This is why white tooth fillings are also
popularly used now to repair chipped, worn down or broken teeth.

At Dental 266, we use composite resin, specifically white tooth fillings, to repair dental cavities and fill root canals.

Before with Black Amalgam
After with White Fillings

The advantages of white tooth fillings over the traditional black amalgams (another type of filling comprised of silver, mercury, and tin, and hardly used now) are listed below:


  • Cosmetic and natural looking. We can use white tooth fillings to colour match your own tooth colour and can be moulded to look like part of your natural tooth.
  • Metal free. White tooth fillings do not have any mercury that can be harmful to your health.
  • More conservative. Minimal drilling of the tooth is required as opposed to metal fillings.
  • No limitations. White tooth fillings can be used as fillings on the front and back of your teeth.
  • Less Sensitivity. They are not as sensitive as black fillings to changes in temperature when consuming hot or cold beverages and foods.
  • More support and less chance of cracking. The white filling bonds immediately to the tooth, making it stronger. It also doesn’t expand like amalgam, therefore reducing the chances of cracking.

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