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Kids Dentistry and Early Oral Hygiene

It is crucial to introduce Oral Hygiene and Teeth Maintenance to your kids as early as possible. Once children learn to be concerned about their teeth’s health, even as early as 1 or 2 years old, they will remember these learnings until their adult life and develop good dental cleaning habits more likely for life.

Early Oral Hygiene Starts At Home

Here at Dental 266, our dentists specially trained in Kids’ Dentistry recommend that children should visit their dentists as early as 1 year old. They may not be needing any treatment at that age but they will learn to see how we do our dental procedures and get accustomed to the dental clinic environment, thus, removing their fear of the dentist and dental procedures.

We recommend you bring your child to us for regular check-ups and cleaning every 6 months. We will use the show-and-tell method to teach your child how to brush and floss properly their teeth. Early consultation will also help us determine the state of your child’s oral health, monitor the growth progress and address any teeth problems as early as possible to avoid any complications.


Fissure Sealants

To prevent dental cavities while still young, our Burwood dentists at Dental 266 will usually recommend a “fissure sealant”. A fissure sealant is a thin plastic film or covering that is applied to the grooves on the biting surfaces of your back teeth to prevent tooth decay. Once these grooves on the chewing surface of your molars are sealed properly, your molars will be protected against tooth decay.

Permanent molars are the teeth most likely to benefit from a fissure sealant. As soon as your child’s permanent molars have erupted, we will recommend fissure sealants. With early tooth decay prevention, you save time, effort and money for your child.

Another way of helping your kids grow stronger teeth is to teach them to eat a balanced healthy diet with enough fruits and vegetables in the mix. Include also a healthy dose of exercise in their daily regimen by means of play or even just walking and doing chores around the house. With this combination of exercise, a healthy diet and occasional trips to your friendly Dental 266 dentist, you already have a foolproof formula for keeping your child’s teeth healthy and strong.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule – A Great Help To Kids Dentistry

One of the great benefits given by the Australian Government to families right now, especially in these challenging economic times, is the opportunity to take advantage of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CBDS). Since January 1, 2014, the CDBS provides basic dental services to eligible children aged 2 to 17 years. This potentially covers 3 million children in Australia, according to the Department of Health.

A child aged between 2 to 17 years, eligible for Medicare and receiving payments from the Australian Government for at least a certain part of the calendar year, is eligible for the CBDS.

Qualified families are informed of their eligibility by the government through email. You can also inquire directly at the Department of Health. Once qualified, disbursement of the CBDS will be done through Medicare, so it is recommended that your Medicare personal details are updated for this.

The basic dental services covered by the CBDS are cleaning, examinations, x-rays, fillings, tooth extractions, root canals, and fissure sealing. Services that are not covered by the scheme are cosmetic dental work, orthodontic dental work, and services rendered in a hospital.

Likewise, the CBDS does not cover the thresholds indicated by your Medicare Safety Net and Extended Medicare Safety Net. The child’s $1,000 cap benefits start with her/his first dental treatment and last for two consecutive years. Any remaining funds after the second year will be forfeited.

For further information about your child’s eligibility for CBDS, you can visit the Department of Human Services website here:

It is easy to train your kids on proper oral hygiene while they’re still young. With the Australian Government’s CBDS program in place, we can definitely help manage your child’s oral health early. Our extremely patient dentists will show your kids how to look after their teeth as well as calm your child’s fears about dental care.

All you need to do is give us a call at (02) 9745 2822, and we’ll have one of our gentle and kid-friendly dentists start your child on a promising journey to superior oral health!

We hope to see you at Dental 266 soon!

All you need to do is give us a call at 02 9051 0600, and we’ll have one of our gentle and kid-friendly dentists start your child on a promising journey to superior oral health!

We hope to see you at Dental 266 soon!

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