worn teeth

Worn Teeth

Worn teeth are usually an overlooked dental problem because it takes a considerable amount of time, even years, to notice the wearing out of tooth enamel or the onset of tooth decay. By that time, the problem is already at an advanced stage and is difficult to correct.

Is Worn Teeth Part of the Body’s Aging Process?

There is a natural wearing down of the teeth as we age, definitely part of the body’s aging process. Dental care practitioners explain that it is fairly common to lose at least one millimetre of tooth enamel by the age of 30 and at least not more than two millimetres by the age of 50.
However, if you lose more than the mentioned length above, then it’s time to analyse why you are wearing down so many teeth enamel and why

worn teeth

What Causes Worn Teeth?

The extreme force caused by the grinding of the upper and lower mandibles usually through time impacts on the wearing away of tooth enamel. This may be caused by missing multiple teeth and when there are many teeth missing, without any proper prosthetic replacements such as dentures, your teeth will get worn down easily and quickly during your day-to-day chewing. In this situation, we would recommend you replace the missing teeth either by implants, bridge or dentures to first restore your functional support and improve your chewing force.

There are other reasons why teeth get worn. We call these factors Attrition, Abrasion, Erosion and missing teeth.

Abrasion is caused by teeth wear that is caused by outside forces. The most common of these forces is tooth brushing and the application of abrasive ingredients, like hard rock salt in some cultures. You can spot your own abrasion lesions near the gum lines and these are usually treated by simple fillings to restore the lost tooth structures at the same time, you will need to change your brushing habit as well.

Erosion then is the loss of the teeth’s structure mainly through acid. Now there are two sources of acid: external and internal.

External sources of acid are ingested food that has high or very high lactic acid content. These include carbonated soft drinks and soda. High acid content from these foods may damage the enamel of your teeth particularly your front teeth and the surface of your back teeth.
Internal sources of acid come from regurgitated acid from your stomach. This is usually caused by patients with gastro-acid reflux. Dental 266 will advise you to consult them regarding eating and lifestyle changes that may reduce acid production leading to less erosion of your teeth.

What are the problems and troubles caused by tooth wear?

Patients with tooth wear not only face the primary concern of aesthetics, but they also are prone to difficulties in chewing, headaches, and issues such as tooth fracture and breakage due to weak teeth, tooth sensitivity when there is a high temperature difference (due to cracks already present on the teeth), toothache caused by nerve exposure, and problems with the temporomandibular joint or “TMJ.”

Unfortunately, the most regrettable aspect is that most patients are not aware of their tooth wear. Moreover, not every problematic tooth will cause pain, so patients may not be aware of the issues they have. Additionally, if there are no obvious signs of decay or defects on the surfaces of the teeth and gums, patients may not pay attention to this problem.

Our Treatments – Bruxism and Occlusal Splints

Bruxism is the scientific term for a certain habit of some people grinding their teeth and clenching their jaw. Up to now, scientists are not exactly sure of the precise reason why this happens. But what we’re sure about is it does wear down your teeth.

To prevent this, we recommend Occlusal Splints. This is an appliance inserted at night in between the upper and lower teeth of one who has Bruxism. It prevents nighttime grinding of teeth, hence leading to less wear and tear of the teeth.

We may also prescribe you GC Tooth Mousse to strengthen your tooth structures. This is a dental ointment that is applied to the teeth, creating a protective cover against tooth decay as well as reducing dental sensitivity.


Accurate and extensive diagnosis of your teeth problem is what our dental centre achieves every time you visit. Schedule a consultation with us now so we can suggest the best way to solve your worn-out teeth!

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