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If there’s one thing Dental 266 can be most proud of, that would be our many patients who consider our seven doctors the best orthodontists Sydney has to offer. These loyal customers also acknowledge our expertise when it comes to periodontics, cosmetic and restorative dentistry, and all things dental.

In fact, even if our practice lies in Burwood, our appointments often include Strathfield clients, among many other patients from the neighbouring Inner West suburbs. While this may already sound like a blessing, we still want you to become part of our growing family, as much as we want to be your dental care team.

We are highly accessible to anyone in Strathfield that driving your car or motorcycle to our dental office would only take approximately 10 minutes. This convenience means that when something hurts in your mouth, like a cracked tooth or swollen gums, you know seeing us will give you the relief in no time.

Dental 266 considers our patients a big family, especially when they refer their friends and relatives to see us for an appointment or dental services. As our way of saying thanks, we give out a 10% discount to our new patients, and a lifetime of dependable dental services. We don’t just mention family for the sake of saying it; we care about you, your oral health, your relationships, and your smile.

We understand how our teeth play a significant role in our daily lives, whether at home, school, at work, or anywhere there’s people interaction. A great smile can uplift others and boost confidence and self-esteem at the same time, while a bad one can trigger negative conversations and low self-regard. This fact explains why we make sure that our patients, young and old, own the best smile they can share to the world.

How Do We Care For Your Oral Health

As dentists that many Strathfield patients go to, we offer orthodontics that caters to children, teenagers, and adults alike. Our team takes a serious effort to correct any alignment problems and all the adverse effects that come along. It’s up to our patients whether they prefer the conventional braces or the state-of-the-art Invisalign for a straighter set of teeth. Some patients who prefer brighter pearly whites come to us for teeth whitening treatments that can either be done in our dental practice or at home. We also accept patients who go for crowns, veneers, and bridges for an even more impressive smile. We have specialty treatments, too, which include root canal treatment, wisdom teeth removal, oral surgeries, and gum treatments. We also have state-of-the-art Guided Biofilm Therapy equipment for cleaning your teeth. It is also our goal to help and encourage children to take care of their teeth with fissure sealants and other pediatric dental services. We have even partnered with Medicare to provide cost-effective dental solutions to qualified children aged between 2 and 17 years old. Make us your Strathfield dentists in Burwood, and rest assured your bright smile will go a long way.

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