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Dental implants are surprisingly economical for the value they can bring to your life. Our patients who receive dental implants at our dental clinic in Sydney also typically report that the installation of these implants is quite comfortable overall, producing only mild and manageable swelling or sensitivity in the treated area.

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What Are Dental Implants?

If you’ve lost a tooth, you’ve probably spent some time looking for cosmetic dentistry solutions in Sydney to restore the original appearance of your smile. You may have considered getting either a bridge or dentures, but these cosmetic alternatives have significant drawbacks compared to your new implants. While they may aesthetically improve your smile, these solutions don’t function exactly like your original teeth and may even require regular removal and cleaning.

A dental implant, however, offers a permanent replacement to fill the gaps or a missing tooth. They either restore the original appearance of your smile or make it a lot better. Since dental implants gradually become part of your body, there is no need for removal. Caring for implants, therefore, should also be as easy as how you care for real teeth.

Why Dental Implants at Dental 266?

Having performed hundreds of dental implant procedures since its founding in 2008, we’re proud to say that Dental 266 is now among the leading Sydney providers of dental implants. Approved by the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry, all of our dentists undertake continuous education to guarantee our patients receive the most advanced dental treatment possible.

In fact, our staff is trained to effectively use the most reputable and internationally-acclaimed dental implant brand in the industry today. Nobel Biocare’s All-On-4 treatment concept has provided our Burwood clinic patients with the art and science of replacing an entire arch of teeth with reduced costs yet maximum satisfaction.

If you’re considering getting a dental implant on a missing tooth, or even your whole upper or lower set of teeth, read on to find out more. We’ll give you a glimpse of the dental implant installation process and see why our Sydney patients are raving about their results.

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Benefits of Dental Implant

dental implantdental implant

Dental implants appear natural, hence reducing the adverse effects of social stigmas.


Dental implants won’t move like dentures do, allowing you to eat and speak comfortably.


Dental implants offer a great investment with a reasonable cost. With proper care, they can last a lifetime


Once osseointegration occurs, they become part of your jaw, so there’s no need to worry about removing dental implants at night.


Dental implants are easy to clean. You can brush or floss them as you would your teeth.


Compared to the cost of continually purchasing adhesives and cleaners for dentures, dental implants can spare you a great deal of hard-earned dollars in the long term.

Process of Getting Dental Implants at Dental 266

When you’re ready to receive your implants, call our dental centre and schedule an appointment lasting about one hour. Our dentist will numb your mouth with a local anaesthetic and make an incision through the gum to expose the jawbone. We will use a precision drill to create a small hole (or more for multiple implants) and then insert the titanium dental implants into your jaw.

Most of our Sydney patients find the process of receiving dental implants relatively comfortable. Some even admit to feeling less pain with them than with tooth extractions. Our dentist can prescribe a mild to moderate analgesic to relieve any swelling or pain from receiving dental implants.

Over the next three to five months after receiving your implants, a process called posse integration will occur within your jaw. Your body will grow new bone tissue around your dental implants to anchor them into place. The new implants will then become permanent parts of your body.

After a few months wherein the osseointegration of your dental implants is finally completed, you will return to your dentist at Dental 266 for a brief session to create a mould of your jaw and teeth. Our clinic will use your mould to manufacture a permanent bridge or crown to sit on top of your dental implant.

Two weeks after your mould is made, you will return to our dental centre and be fitted with your newly minted crown or bridge. This crown or bridge will now be your new functional tooth/teeth. This means you can now enjoy eating all your favourite foods again with no hesitation – and flash your brilliant smile always!

Dental 266 is proud to have one of Sydney’s best implant dentists work on simple to complex cases of dental work at our clinic. You can be assured that the products and services we deliver to you are of the highest quality using the latest advanced dental techniques.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still think your smile can use some touch-ups, you can safely use whitening treatments when you have your new implants. However, the treatment will not whiten your dental implants. Although it is possible to stain them, your dental implants will not stain at the same rate as your natural teeth. The following pointers can help you maintain your white smile and keep your dental implants looking great:

  • If you’re unhappy with the colour of your teeth, consider having your dentist perform a whitening treatment before you get your dental implants. When creating permanent crowns for your new implants, your dentist will match the shade of your dental implants to that of your teeth. If you whiten your teeth after having the permanent crowns attached to your dental implants, the crowns will look more yellow than the rest of your teeth.
  • Don’t smoke, and minimise your consumption of coffee, tea, and wine. Your natural teeth will stain much faster than your dental implants. If you don’t stay on top of your dental health, your teeth will become yellow while your dental implants remain white.
  • It is possible to remove the crowns from dental implants and replace them with whiter crowns. However, doing so adds considerably to the cost of getting dental implants. If you decide that you’re unhappy with the shade of your teeth while already in the process of getting dental implants, then keep your temporary crowns for a while until you whiten your teeth. Keeping your temporary crowns doesn’t increase the cost of getting dental implants, and it helps you avoid the cost and inconvenience of placing new permanent crowns on them later on.

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