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Orthodontics is a specialised field of dentistry dealing with dental misalignment. The underlying principle of orthodontics is relatively straightforward. Our dentist uses gentle pressure to straighten your dental misalignment which makes the whole process very comfortable and almost painless.

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At Dental 266, we use the most advanced technology and products to provide the best orthodontic results for our patients. Our dentist in Burwood can correct crowding and other alignment issues that can affect the appearance of our smiles and even our profiles. We also offer children orthodontics, or simply orthopaedics, to correct issues that might prevent healthy adult teeth from emerging in younger patients.

We are proudly accredited dentists under the Australian Dental Association as well as the International College of Continuing Dental Education in Orthodontics. Our dentists believe in the need for continuous education and improvement of our service to maintain our leading position in Burwood and Sydney in providing exceptional Orthodontic services. We not only attract locals from Burwood, but also from surrounding suburbs such as StrathfieldConcord, and Ashfield. Our patients are 100% satisfied.

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Professional Orthodontic Treatment and Process

Before and after ImagesBefore and after Images
Before and after ImagesBefore and after Images

The good news is that there is no age limitation for braces as long as your gums and surrounding structures are sound and healthy.  Misaligned teeth and a bad underbite or overbite can certainly erode your self-confidence and physical appearance.

Moreover, the dental problems mentioned earlier can contribute to tooth decay, bone loss, gum infections, rapid tooth enamel attrition, headaches, localised pain (TMJ), etc. By using our latest advanced techniques and devices such as invisible aligners, metal braces or ceramic braces, we can then enhance your smile and teeth’s integrity as well as your self-esteem and facial countenance through a reduced number of dental visits and treatment times in a much more comfortable way.

To understand how Orthodontic Braces treatment work, click on the below steps.

During the second consultation, our Dental 266 dentist will present a comprehensive treatment plan specially tailored for you and will entail everything involved in your treatment including its duration and cost. You will also be informed if extractions are required post-analysis of the x-rays. All information pertinent to wearing the braces and retainers will also be provided to you.

When fitting the brackets, our dentist will begin by conducting a thorough oral cleaning so that the brackets will adhere to your teeth using non-toxic glue. Wires between the brackets apply gentle pressure to straighten your misaligned teeth.

Most patients experience no to minimal pain when getting dental services from our Burwood specialists. However, some dental patients may feel a little sore in their mouths after the procedure. When this happens, you can always speak to our dentists about pain relievers. Some patients may also feel discomfort from the orthodontic brackets rubbing against the insides of their lips. In these cases, we can provide wax to cushion the surfaces of your brackets.

While you wear the braces, you’ll need to return to our clinic periodically, at least once every four to six weeks for adjustments, each taking about 15 minutes only.

After the successful removal of your appliances, our dentist will prepare a mould for your new retainer. A retainer can be a fixed wire or removable plastic plate that holds the teeth in place and prevents them from moving back to their original position.

For the first one to two years, you will be required to wear the retainers all the time. Later, you may be allowed to wear your retainers only at night. All throughout the treatment process, your Dental 266 dentist will guide and periodically check on your situation until such time that your retainers will be removed for good.

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