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Your Renowned Dentist Near Glebe

Embark on Your Smile Transformation Journey

Discover the brilliance and radiance of your smile at Dental 266. We assist you at every stage, from regular cleanings and adjusting misalignments to advanced dental implant solutions, guaranteeing a smooth path to excellent oral health.

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The Leading Dental Practice Near Glebe

Our team at Dental 266 features highly qualified and professional dentists with diverse credentials and strong industry connections. For dependable dental care near Glebe, look no further than our experienced professionals.

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Dental Treatments & Services Offered

Glebe Orthodontics


Free yourself from the discomfort of misaligned teeth with our range of orthodontic solutions. We offer both traditional braces and Invisalign, ensuring a comfortable and effective journey to achieving the smile you’ve envisioned.
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Glebe Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Regain your complete smile with our dental implants, ideal for replacing teeth lost due to accidents or extractions. Our proficient dentists craft implants that blend flawlessly with your existing teeth, restoring both the function and aesthetics of your natural teeth.
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Glebe Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Elevate your smile with our comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services. We tailor treatments like veneers, bridges, and crowns to quickly transform your smile into one that’s both brilliant and aligned. Experience the benefits of advanced cosmetic techniques that enhance your appearance.
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Glebe General Dentist

General Dentist

Maintaining your dental health regularly is essential for long-term wellbeing. Rely on our thorough dental exams, cleanings, and whitening services. Our comprehensive care also includes managing extractions and fillings and updating old fillings to keep your dental health at its best.
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Selecting a highly skilled and experienced dentist is key to ensuring both comfort during treatment and excellent outcomes. Our team brings decades of collective experience to provide high-quality dental care, and we are committed to giving you the personalised treatment and care that you deserve.


We prioritise making dental care accessible to everyone in our community. We work to keep our services affordable, understanding that cost should never be a barrier to receiving quality dental care. Our practice accepts a wide range of insurance plans and facilitates efficient insurance claims processing.


Transparency and patient education are pillars of our dental practice. Our dentists dedicate time to thoroughly discuss all available treatment options with you, ensuring you understand both the procedures and associated costs and helping you make informed decisions about your dental health.



We understand the importance of convenience in accessing dental care. Our clinics are open daily, including a site with disability access, to accommodate your schedule. For urgent dental needs, our after-hours service is reachable at 0414 368 388, providing continuous support whenever necessary.

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dental 266

Exceptional Dentistry in a Comfortable Setting

A vibrant smile can be the key to a great first impression, and at Dental 266, we are dedicated to making sure your smile truly represents your inner happiness and zest for life. Our clinic employs state-of-the-art techniques to provide efficient, comfortable, and cost-effective dental services.

Our experienced team delivers an extensive range of dental care, from routine check-ups to cosmetic enhancements, orthodontics, dental implants, and immediate dental services. Each procedure is tailored to meet our patient’s specific needs and goals, ensuring optimal results.

Your oral health is the central focus of our practice. We aim to boost your smile’s confidence and care satisfaction with each visit in our inviting atmosphere.

Medicare CDBS Vouchers

For Child Dental Care Near Glebe

Affording paediatric dental care is a pressing issue for families, especially those working within tight financial limits. Recognising this challenge, the Australian Government launched the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) in 2014. This initiative offers significant financial support by covering up to $1,095 per child for indispensable dental services, including check-ups, cleanings, fillings, extractions, and even root canal treatments.

The program’s eligibility is primarily tied to families that receive specific government benefits, ensuring that financial hurdles don’t block access to essential dental services for children.

For detailed information on how to utilise this benefit, feel free to reach out to our helpful staff at Dental 266.

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Meet Our Dentists

At our clinic, every patient leaves satisfied and cared for at every age. We are deeply committed to delivering superior dental care, which is central to our ethos of exceptional service. Our consistent pursuit of excellence defines our practice and reinforces the core values that Dental 266 upholds, ensuring every visit reflects our high standards.

Dental Clinic
Dental Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

Teeth whitening is a common cosmetic treatment where a dentist applies a professional-grade bleaching agent to the teeth. This agent lifts stains and lightens the colour, helping maintain teeth healthy and enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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If you are experiencing any dental sensitivities or feeling any cavities in your mouth, come and see our friendly and experienced team at Dental 266.

Our friendly team can set you up for a consultation, explain how you can get the most benefits and the best treatment, and advise you on how to keep your teeth in better shape always.

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