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Benefits of Dentures

The main advantage of getting dentures is that it restores the appearance of the teeth at a low price. You’ll experience no pain when our dentist at Dental 266 fits yours — which makes getting them an excellent option for a patient who fears dental work.

Getting dental prosthesis can improve your self-esteem and give you greater confidence. Having your dental appliances can also improve the quality of your life by allowing you to eat more foods and pronounce words more clearly.

Types of Dentures

There are 3 options to choose from for dentures. These are hard acrylic, cobalt-chromium, and soft acrylic specially manufactured and fitted for your teeth. Invisible dentures are also becoming very popular now and are the preferred choice of users despite its premium price.

If you’ve lost or are losing all of your teeth, a complete set of dental prosthesis is something to discuss with your Dental 266 dentist. If you’re losing part of your teeth, then a partial denture might be your preference.

What are Overdentures?

While getting a removable denture is a painless option for reconstructing the mouth, a traditional one does have drawbacks such as shifting in the mouth. Also, the bones in the mouth can atrophy while wearing these.

Getting Overdentures is an alternative that bridges the gap between a removable denture and full dental implants. Overdentures are replacement teeth anchored by implants. They help retain not only face shape but also assist in better digestion and slows down bone loss.

Step 1:   An examination and x-ray are undertaken to determine suitability and the best implant system for use in your individual situation.

Step 2:  Surgical placement of the dental implants into the jaw bone. Multiple dental implants will be used as the anchors to the newly fixed denture.

Step 3:  Once the implant has integrated into your jawbone, making the implant very stable, attachments are screwed onto its head and also into a new denture. This then allows for the implant and denture prosthesis to be attached and become a fixed and retained implant denture.

Other Advantages of Implant Retained Dentures

  • Palate-free for upper full dentures – Implant retained Overdentures are more expensive than the traditional removable one, however, Implant Dentures allow upper dentures to be made in the shape of an upper arch – an improvement over old-style or traditional dentures which cover the entire palate.
  • Gag free – With palate free upper full dentures, this enables patients with a gag reflex to wear this type of dentures.
  • Superior function and aesthetics – Advancements in dental technology ensures that your new fixed dentures look and function like your natural teeth.
  • Powerful bite – This new installation is highly beneficial to thousands of patients who would have gone without dentures because of an unstable set of dentures. It also gives a toothless person a real powerful bite.
  • No wobbly lower full dentures – As you age, the ridges of the lower jaw can totally atrophy especially for a toothless person. With no bone under the gums to keep lower dentures in place, it is very difficult to fit full dentures on the lower jaw. Thus, implant dentures are the best solution for older, toothless patients to help retain a lower denture firmly.

Call today on to speak to our professional experienced team to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having dentures and the type that is best suitable for you.

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