Dental Implant Cost In The Philippines – Why Is It Not Worth The Risk

If you’ve been price shopping online, you’ve probably come across price checks that show the dental implant cost in the Philippines to be significantly lower than dental implants in Australia.  And that’s hardly surprising because the local cost of dental implants includes a lot of the creature comforts and consumer rights that we may take for granted in the first world.

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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost In The Philippines 

Certainly, the cost of a dental implant procedure is among the most expensive of dental procedures in Australia, but it’s also the most successful, with a success rate of between 95 and 98%. And that is because of the stringent regulations that are upheld for dental professionals.

Many patients claim that they can have their dental implants and a five star getaway to the Philippines for the same or a lower price than in Australia, but there are very good reasons for that.

When your Burwood dentist presents you with a treatment plan, you’ll be entering into a relationship that’s likely to span a year or a year and a half. Your dental implant procedure is made up of a series of mini procedures and you won’t be in and out of the dentist’s office with a new tooth in just one sitting.

The cost you are given will be a total figure that takes into account:

Your practitioner’s fees

Australian dental practitioners need to be registered with the Australian Healthcare Practitioner Regulation Agency and their qualifications are subject to continuous professional development. The rules and regulations by which practices can be run are strict and the Australian Dental Association works very hard to protect and uphold the rights of consumers. It costs a fair amount to run a safe, compliant and high functioning dental practice in a major city like Sydney.

By comparison, the working environment in the Philippines is markedly different and practitioners are not held to the same standards. If a dentist is offering dental implants in Philippines for substantially less, you will be compromising on your level of service in some areas.

Your dental implant price

The titanium screw that is used as the foundation for your new replacement tooth does comprise a portion of your total cost, but it is only a fraction of the cost. Some dental practitioners have brand preferences with regard to implants and they may recommend implants that are on the more expensive side of the spectrum. Multiple dental implants cost more than a single placement.

dental implants dental implant cost philippines burwoodThe benefit of higher quality dental implants is that they are likely to have longer lifespans. Yes, you probably could get something cheaper but it might need replacing in five years’ time (as opposed to higher quality dental implants that could, with proper care, last for the rest of your lifetime).

In the event that your dental implants did need to be replaced, you won’t just be paying for a new implant – an entirely new procedure will need to be planned for you, and the associated costs will have to be paid.

Dental implants in Philippines may be cheaper in terms of capital outlay but there’s no guarantee that your dental practitioner will be able to find replacement parts.

The cost of your procedures

As mentioned earlier, the dental implants procedure isn’t completed in a single visit. You’ll need a thorough evaluation, which will include your medical history taking, x-rays and digital photographs. It is necessary to find a dentist that offers consultation to get an overview of your dental needs, and to create a treatment plan.

Your treatment plan will document the cost of your procedures and may include

  • Bone grafting or sinus lift
  • Placing your dental implants
  • Placing your abutment
  • Fitting the crown

The details and cost of these procedures will vary depending on your particular needs, but what is important is that each phase is given enough time to heal and complete before moving on to the next one.

Also think about the help you might need with your dental implants after your surgery. Even if your dental implants in Philippines were placed cheaply and quickly, when you’re back home in Burwood, you will need someone to assist you with maintenance and dental hygiene. If your dental practitioner can’t get parts, doesn’t know the brand of implant, or can’t access your medical history, this is going to be very difficult.

If you’d like to find out more about the cost of dental implants and how we can support you through the process, it’s time to book a consultation at your local dental clinic: (02) 9051 0600.

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