Dental Implants Price Comparison – Know The Expectations

Dental implants restore form and function to people who have lost or missing teeth. Because they perform such important work and because they are expected to remain in your mouth for such a long time, they are something of an investment. And, when the cost of implants is compared to other tooth replacement options, dental implants are worth it in the long run.

Why A Dental Implants Price Difference Is So Difficult?

It’s not uncommon to have Internet ads shouting low prices for implants at you from every corner of your browser. But it’s actually impossible to quote for implants without seeing and assessing a patient. Everyone’s case is completely different and requires a different approach.

The Cost Of Dental Implants

A dental implant procedure can be complex and can take a relatively long time to complete because it is made up of a series of smaller procedures.  Each smaller procedure has to be fully completed before you can move on to the next step.

Because osseointegration is so important for the success of your dental implant surgery, the healing time for the implant can take several months to reach completion.

When your dentist presents you the cost of dental implants he will give you a comprehensive treatment plan to cover the entire process.

Dental Implants Cost – What Can You Expect?

The cost of your implant procedure depends on:

How many teeth do you need to replace?
Of course, a single implant will cost considerably less than the all-on-four implant system, or multiple placements in your mouth.

What type of implants will you have?
There are hundreds of brands around the world, all ranging in price. Dental implants are however, very much like other things in life: you get what you pay for. If you are going to opt for a cheaper solution, you may not have the same quality as a more expensive implant brand.

Do you need any additional procedures?
If you require a tooth extraction, sinus lift or bone graft surgery, these additional procedures will influence the total cost of your implant procedure.

How Does The Cost Of Implants Compare To Other Tooth Replacement Options?

While the initial cost or outlay required for dental implants is higher than its alternatives like bridges or dentures, there are maintenance costs associated with the alternatives that implants do not require. A denture or bridge will need to be replaced, maybe even as often as every five years. If you compare the cost of these replacements with a 30-year dental implant, the implant may cost less.

The Knock-On Costs

Wearing a bridge requires that other teeth in your mouth be filed down to make space in your mouth. This makes those teeth more susceptible to decay and cavities. Not only will you be required to exercise a higher level of dental hygiene, you may experience some complications with your weaker teeth that your dentist will need to address.

Because dentures sit above your gum line, they too can present with challenges later on. Dentures do not replace the missing tooth at the root, so further bone loss is likely to occur, because the jaw bone does not receive stimulation from your tooth’s roots.

Patients who wear dentures may be susceptible to irritation from their dentures, as well as drifting of the other teeth as they try to fill the gap left by the missing tooth. Drifting teeth can loosen over time, and be lost if they are not corrected.

Comparing The Costs Of Dental Implants

The placement of a single dental implant without additional procedures can range from $3000 to $7000. If you need a sinus lift or bone graft, this figure may increase.

The cost of dental implants for the All-on-4 treatment usually ranges between $15000 and $30000.

If you do receive a quote from a dental practitioner who has not assessed you, the figure will not be accurate and you should consider this the starting price for your treatment.

Still have questions about dental implants cost and what you should expect to budget for a healthier smile? Contact us today to speak to a professional: 02 9051 0600

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