If you are searching places for an orthodontist or general dentist in Ashfield, we wouldn’t be the only ones to tell you to visit Dental 266. Strategically situated in Burwood, our dental practice is only 3km away from the Ashfield Mall, making it convenient for everyone within the area to see us for all things gum, teeth, jaw, and mouth. In fact, we’ve had hundreds of local patients who prefer Dental 266 to any Ashfield dental clinics.

Why Us

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Our team comprises 7 dentists committed to maintaining your oral health and upkeeping a smile that you can show off effortlessly. We virtually accept any insurance policy and even welcome new patients with a 10% discount on your first dental appointment. If you’re getting services on your initial visit, we’ll deduct the consultation fee from your total treatment cost. We make sure that we do everything in our power to save and preserve your teeth. While we provide arguably the best dental implants, bridges, crowns, veneers, or even dentures in the Inner West suburbs of Sydney, we still care enough for our patients to have as many natural teeth as possible.

This goal also explains why our dentists have unparalleled expertise in pediatric and orthodontic dental care. We know our oral health should start at one point, and that’s with young kids. When we say, “let the children’s laughter (or smile),” we mean every word. Oral problems can negatively affect how kids look at themselves and how others interact with them. Our fissure sealants help reduce decay in children 6 years old and above, reducing the occurrence of bad breath.

With the aid of Orthodontics, our team makes sure to remove those issues away – crooked or protruding teeth, incorrect bite, and jaw problems among others. Of course, what we can provide kids, we can also apply to our teenage and adult patients. Trust that our doctors know exactly how to help. If we need to correct the alignment and appearance of your smile, you have the choice of using either the conventional or invisible (Invisalign) dental braces.

All our dentists practice cosmetic dentistry, too. For anyone interested in having a brighter smile, teeth whitening treatments are also available. Visit our dental practice for an appointment and choose whether you’d like it performed in-chair by one of our dentists or do-it-yourself with personalised home kits.

It would only take a few sessions for the world to see a whiter beaming smile on your face. Dental 266 is a comprehensive dental practice. We also have specialty services for those cases needing more than simple tooth extractions or fillings. We have root canal therapy, wisdom tooth extractions, TMJ corrections, oral surgeries and splints, and gum treatments.

Even if we’re not from the same suburb, we can be your Ashfield dentists-neighbours whom you can always go to when you need some oral and dental help. See us once, and you decide for yourself.

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