When you’re searching in Google for an orthodontist or cosmetic dentist in Concord, NSW or even a “pediatric dentist near me,” please know that Dental 266 can provide you exactly what you have been looking for in a Concord dentist and more, without the hefty price tag or bias to location. We’ve had Concord patients for quite some time now, especially when reaching our Burwood practice takes less than a 10-minute drive.
If you are after saving your pearly whites to give you a smile that effortlessly shines, let us know. Rest assured, we would be happy to give you a consultation. Our dentists believe that everyone deserves to get the dental help they need, by all means, no questions asked.
More than anything else, our doctors understand how everyone should have access to optimum oral health, especially when it forms an essential part of our personal and professional relationships. After all, our smiles can definitely make the world even brighter.

What Do We Offer


If you are a Concord local needing of a new dentist to work with, Dental 266 is the place to be. We offer a 10% discount to our first-time customers to sweeten the deal.

When something doesn’t feel right, you can expect that seeing our dentists will bring them to their best, one tooth at a time. We offer tooth extractions, root canal treatments, non-invasive gum treatments, and wisdom tooth removal to remove those pesky problems in no time. We can even fill the gaps with dentures and fillings so you would never hesitate to smile again.

Dental 266 also offers cosmetic dental enhancements if you’re ready to take your smile up a notch. Our expertise in crafting and placing veneers, crowns, and bridges wouldn’t let you down. We also provide in-office or home teeth whitening treatments to make sure you’d flaunt the brightest smile you can ever have.

Should you also suffer from crossbite, overbite, or other problems with your teeth alignment, you can trust that our dentists can give you the orthodontic treatment you need.

Children and adults alike enjoy being pampered at Dental 266. Because we offer preventive dentistry, you should learn the proper way of brushing and flossing, and all other tips that would reduce damage to your teeth and improve your oral health.

We also excel in dealing with our young patients, encouraging kids to take care of their smiles and avoiding decays with fissure sealants. Our doctors, like any dentists in Concord, aim to promote oral health letting people know that we should start at a young age.

Taking care of our smiles is more than going to the dentist for an appointment or spending two minutes twice daily brushing the dirt and food debris off our teeth. It’s both a discipline and a habit – things that you would definitely learn from our 7 friendly dentists. If you’d like to make a difference, whether to the national dental statistics or your smile, see us soon.

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