Best Mouthwash For Bad Breath Reviews

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We all know the phrase ‘first impressions last.’ The way we look, act, and talk is the main point that people judge us by when meeting us for the first time. Can you imagine meeting someone who dresses nicely and looks great, but has stinky breath? There is no doubt that a person’s overall impression would undoubtedly be affected by this one flaw.

This fact is the very reason why so many dental product manufacturers want to come up with the best, if not the most effective, bad breath solution. Let us discover what causes bad breath, what are the ways you can do to get rid of it, and what product you should use. For instance, do you know what the ideal mouthwash for bad breath is?

Editorial Choice: Our Top Picks

We sat down and interviewed dentists and other dental specialists about what rinses to use because we want to emphasize that using mouthwash is not just an accessory to your dental routine but a necessary step to a cleaner and healthier oral cavity. After more than 48 hours of conducting surveys, interviews, and research, we have come up with the 5 best mouthwash brands that not only freshen our breath but have protective and strengthening features to benefit our mouths.

Best overall:  TheraBreath Fresh Breath Oral Rinse

This dentist-formulated mouthwash is recommended by the American Dental Association as an effective treatment for all types of dental issues.’

Best mouthwash for gingivitis: Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection Mouthwash

‘This alcohol-free mouthwash cleans the teeth and gums without drying and damaging the gums.’

Best fluoride mouthwash: ACT Dry Mouth Mouthwash

‘This fluoride-powered mouthwash is best for fighting dry mouth that causes bad breath.’

Best-priced mouthwash: Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash

‘This antiseptic mouthwash uses the active ingredients menthol, thymol, and methyl salicylate combined with alcohol for deep cleaning your mouth.’

Best Alcohol-Free Mouthwash: Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield

‘This mouthwash provides 12-hour germ protection without the burn experienced with alcohol-based antiseptic mouth rinses.’

Top-Rated Mouthwash Brands Comparison

Choosing The Ideal Mouthwash For Bad Breath

choosing your mouthwashWith the many brands and specifications, mouth rinses have in the market right now, we can all categorize them into two types – cosmetic or medicinal. Cosmetic mouthwash products contain fragrance that temporarily solves bad breath and freshens your mouth. A medicinal mouth rinse, on the other hand, contains therapeutic ingredients that have antiseptic or antibacterial properties that fight off the germs that cause teeth, gum, and other dental problems. While cosmetic mouthwash can be bought over-the-counter, medicinal mouth rinses may sometimes need a prescription so that control of its use is determined.

The Top 5 Best Mouthwash For Bad Breath

Because we want to help you choose the best mouth rinse that can address your breath problem, here are 5 of the most sought-after over-the-counter mouthwash brands that can solve your individual breath needs.

colgate mouthwash

Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield

Fresh breath and germ-free mouth? Colgate Total 12HR Pro-Shield Mouthwash can give you exactly that. Not only does it freshen your breath with its peppermint scent and flavor, but you can also be sure that its germ-fighting ingredients will promise to effectively kill 99% of all bad-breath causing microbes and bacteria.

  1. Has no alcohol content – no sting!
  2. Provides 12-hour protection from germs
  3. Reduces plaque and tartar build-up
  4. Helps protect the gums

  1. Contains a small amount of sugar to make the taste tolerable

Available In These Sizes:

1L, 33.8 Fl Oz bottle

crest mouthwash

Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection Mouthwash

Coming from a well-known dental products manufacturing company, this antibacterial mouthwash can fight off all bad bacteria that can cause dental problems like gingivitis, plaque, and tartar build-up. With continued use of this alcohol-free mouth rinse, healthier teeth and gums are just a few swishes away.

  1. No alcohol and peroxide content – safe and effective!
  2. Has clean mint flavor – freshens breath instantly!
  3. Fights plaque build-up that can cause cavities
  4. Complements the effects of regular brushing

  1. Not intended to whiten teeth

Available In These Sizes:

16.9 Fl Oz bottle

ACT dry mouth mouthwash

ACT Dry Mouth Mouthwash

A great example of a medicinal mouthwash, ACT Total Care Dry Mouth Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash is the brand that dentists recommend to soothe the dry mouth symptoms. With sodium fluoride as its active ingredient, you can be sure that using this regularly will strengthen your teeth, protect them from tooth decay, and address xerostomia, or dry mouth.

  1. A therapeutic mouth rinse specifically to solve dry mouth
  2. Soothes oral dryness and moisturizes the mouth
  3. Freshens breath while keeping the pH of the mouth balanced
  4. Has a soothing mint flavor to mask bad breath

  1. May not be ‘pleasant-tasting’ compared to other cosmetic mouthwash brands

Available In These Sizes:

33.80 Fl Oz bottle

therabreath mouthwash

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Oral Rinse

Boasting their original concoction that allows stimulation of oxygen-rich saliva to moisten the mouth and fight off bad breath-causing bacteria, TheraBreath mouthwashes now offer different formulations that would cater to everyone’s dental and breath needs. With its unique formulation, it can indeed be a good candidate for the ideal mouthwash for bad breath.

  1. Specifically targets sulfur-producing bacteria that leaves the mouth tasting metallic and sour
  2. Used with other TheraBreath products, premium oral health care is ensured
  3. Its formulation is approved by professional dental specialists; has an ADA Seal of Approval
  4. Has no alcohol, artificial flavors, or coloring

  1. Some complain that the rinse leaves a weird after-taste in the mouth

Available In These Sizes:

3 Fl Oz bottle

16 Fl Oz bottle

listerine mouthwash

Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash

When it comes to mouthwash brands, it is hard not to mention Listerine. This brand has been known worldwide for providing fresh breath to everyone and has remained an American favorite for years. With their Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash, you can be sure that its germ-fighting ingredients are potent enough to deliver clean and fresh breath, anytime if the day!

  1. Promises to kill 99.9% of germs with continuous usage
  2. Has 24-hour germ protection capability
  3. Approved as an ADA-accepted antiseptic mouthwash
  4. Has clean, minty flavor that removes any signs of bad breath all-day

  1. May cause a stinging sensation as it contains alcohol as an active ingredient

Available In These Sizes:

1 L bottle

What Causes Bad Breath?

fresh breath from mouthwashHaving stinky breath is, without a doubt, embarrassing. Some people who are told that they have bad breath get extremely self-conscious and somehow develop anxiety disorders just by thinking about this body flaw. It is then vital for us to know what is the root cause of the problem. However, bear in mind that what causes bad breath for one may be different from the other. Hence, the investigation on how one develops halitosis (the medical term for bad breath) would still depend on their lifestyle and health conditions.

Your Diet Can Affect How Your Breath Smell 

There are three ways food can affect our breath smell.

One, the food that we consume can be the very reason why we have bad breath. Some foods have strong aroma on its own, like garlic, coffee, cheese, vinegar, and other spicy foodstuffs. Consuming any of these will make their smell linger and mix with pour breath, making it smell odorous.

Second is when we eat and some of the food particles get stuck in the teeth. Harboring bacteria that can cause cavities and tooth decay will result in having a stinky breath as well.

Last but not least, the chemicals that we produce after consuming a type of food can also affect our breath odor. For instance, those practicing what we call ‘Keto’ diet by eating low-carbohydrate high-fat food products can easily develop bad breath that actually smells like fruit and acetone combination.

Smoking Can Cause Bad Breath

Tobacco or cigarette smoking affects the breath as the ingredients used to make them have chemicals that remain in the mouth. Moreover, as smoking does not do any benefit to our bodies, it can also cause different gum and oral disease that would be culprits in developing stinky breath.

General or Oral Health Problems

dental consult for bad breathWhether it is medical or oral health problems that become the culprit of one’s bad breath, making sure that they are identified and treated is the best way to fight this embarrassing problem. Dentists may find out that the cause of your bad breath is due to tooth decay caused by cavities, gum problems, or orthodontic disorders.

On the other hand, there are certain medical problems that cause our breath to be stinky, and they do not necessarily affect the mouth directly. Respiratory/pulmonary problems like tonsillitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, sinus infections, or pneumonia can affect your breath odor. Gastrointestinal issues like acid reflux, lactose intolerance, and other digestive concerns can also produce odorous gases that can affect your breath. Moreover, diabetes, as well as liver and kidney disorders, can do the same thing.

Poor Oral Hygiene Can Cause Halitosis

To so many people, it all boils down to this. You may be healthy, you do not smoke, and you eat the right foods, but you do not take care of your teeth properly and regularly, then all these things are put to waste. The good nutrition food that you ate will be retained in the mouth, encouraging the buildup of plaque and tartar that will result in cavities and tooth decay, which will be the main culprit of bad breath. It can then affect the gums, the bones, and other surrounding oral tissues, making you suffer the pain and shame of having dental problems on top of your bad breath.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath Permanently

Talk to Your Dentist

The very first thing you have to do when you have bad breath, or when someone informs you that your breath stinks, is to consult your dentist. He is the one who can determine if a dental condition causes your breath problem or not. If it does, then he can recommend ways on how to solve that problem so that the root cause of your bad breath is addressed, dissipating your problem effectively. For instance, if he founds out that a periodontal problem causes your stinky breath, he may perform the procedures himself, or refer you to a periodontist or oral surgeon. For teeth alignment issues, he may recommend using braces or dental aligners, or allow an orthodontist to do his job.

Seek Medical Help 

As mentioned earlier, your bad breath may not necessarily be caused by an oral health problem. So, if your dentist establishes you have a healthy mouth without any disorder that can be associated with your odorous breath, you may probably be required to see a medical professional so he can search for an underlying health problem.

Try Home Remedies For Bad Breath

orange and lemons for bad breathThe simplest and most effective home remedy for bad breath is none other than water. Drink water, gargle, and clean your mouth by swishing water before and after eating. Some swear by the efficacy of chewing cloves or fennel seeds which contain antiseptic properties to fight off your bad breath. Some make it a habit to eat also lemon or orange rinds to take advantage of their innate fragrant smell and ability to stimulate the production of saliva. Some even try chewing leafy herbs that have a strong odor like parsley, basil, mint, or cilantro.

Practice Good Dental Hygiene

This tip certainly is a no-brainer. Because your stinky breath is partly caused by the food you eat and how you take care of your teeth and gums, making sure that they are immaculate and healthy will help get rid of your stinky breath altogether. Maintain the habit of brushing at least twice a day. Add flossing and using mouthwash every day to complement the effectiveness of your teeth cleaning.

Use Effective Dental Products To Stop Bad Breath

As mentioned earlier, maintaining your proper dental habits is essential, so using the best dental products available for you will ensure that they work to their optimum level. Research online or ask for your dentist’s recommendation on what dental products you should use to maximize the cleanliness of your dental cavity. The right brand of toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and mouthwash can be challenging at first but it is through research and, sometimes, trial and error that we find the perfect type and brand that fit our needs. Once we get a hold of this, use them properly and regularly, because even if you have with you that best among the best dental products that you can find, if you don’t use it correctly and you don’t use it often, the results will still be in vain.

Are These Bad Breath Elimination Steps Enough?

good oral hygieneYou may have read about different yet effective on how people usually choose to eliminate the cause of their stinky breath. Do not get us wrong; you may think that it is enough that you use the best toothpaste and mouthwash to get the results of having fresh breath. No. We want to emphasize that the way to really fight off and get rid of halitosis is to know the cause of the breath problem and find a way to get a solution for it. Treating the root cause is the only way that you can permanently address your bad breath.

Masking them with mint-flavored rinses may work temporarily, but it will not stop your mouth from becoming a smelly trash-bin as time passes. And sometimes, cheap and over-the-counter mouth rinse brands contain alcohol as their antibacterial property. Some even have more benefits, like whitening mouthwash products that promise to whiten your teeth while freshening your breath at the same time!

Though these combinations can be ideal for your needs, you will be surprised that they have to potential to hurt your mouth even more and make your breath problem even worse. You see, the more strong chemicals like alcohol and peroxide are active in your mouth rinse, the higher the chances of it causing more complications, like dry mouth and dehydrated teeth. Once you have these conditions, it would be more difficult for you to address bad breath at this point.

What we can recommend is to visit your dentist first to understand how your overall dental condition is. He can figure out what causes your bad breath in the first place. He may recommend undergoing procedures, but more importantly, he can intelligently refer you to specific specialists who can address your dental concerns more effectively. This way, the main cause can be determined and the treatment plan to eliminate your bad breath can be as effective and as customized that would, without a doubt, fit your needs and preference.

However, if this procedure is too time-consuming for you and you just need a product with guaranteed effects in becoming bad breath-free forever, try a brand that gives you just that – Bad Breath Free Forever! Want to get a 100% natural, effective and tried-and-tested solution on how to get rid of bad breath forever? Click and visit this site to know more!

Final thoughts

self-conifidence with fresh breathNow that we have found a way to somehow choose the best of the best among so many mouthwash brands in the market, it is only up to you and your needs as to how you will be choosing the right mouth rinse for you.

For instance, if you have dry mouth and that is the cause of your bad breath, you can absolutely benefit from ACT Total Care Dry Mouth Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash.

If for you, the ideal mouthwash for bad breath needs to have an ADA seal of approval and comes from a brand manufacturer that dentists recommend, you need to buy Therabreath Fresh Breath Oral Rinse.

If it is plaque and tartar buildup that you want to eliminate, you can try the Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection Mouthwash.

If you want an affordable germ-fighting rinse mouth that undeniably works to get rid of bad breath, then Colgate Total 12HR Pro-Shield Mouthwash is the ideal one of you.

But if it is convenience that you need, and just an everyday cosmetic mouthwash that takes care of your stinky breath, we can recommend using Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash.

We want to reiterate that these are just our personal choices for the ideal candidates as your best mouth rinse for bad breath. We do not impose that they are the best for everyone, as not everyone has the same dental problems and needs. We only want to provide a guide as to how one can effectively fight halitosis using the right kind of mouthwash. What we can advise is for you to consult your dentist and ask for a recommendation as to what brand would be the best mouth rinse that is compatible to your needs and preference.

You can, without a doubt, rely on your dentist to give you the best options since he is the one who knows your history and is knowledgeable with all the dental benefits that you can get from a specific mouthwash brand to give you the best answer.


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