Thinking About Investing A Dental Implant In Malaysia?

If you’re one of many patients who are looking at dental tourism as a more affordable approach to dental treatment, you should probably read this before getting a dental implant in Malaysia. There are a few good reasons that dental treatment costs more in Sydney, but ultimately it’s all about providing patients with the best dental treatment you can afford. Here are some reasons you should invest in dental implants in Sydney.


The True Cost Of Dental Tourism

It’s reported that Australians are spending as much as $300-million every year on healthcare services overseas, and a number of these visits are attributed to dental treatments, many of which are cosmetic dental services. Going overseas for dental treatment elevates your risk profile and, as a number of patients have experienced, can lead to complications.


Understanding Dental Implant Surgery

One of the biggest factors that makes dental implants a difficult procedure to do in Malaysia, or any country abroad for that matter, is the fact that the procedure is not a quick ‘in and out’ procedure. Your dental implant treatment will consist of a few mini-procedures to be carried out over a period of a few months.


Dental implants take time

The exact procedures and time-frames are variable because everyone is different, has different needs and heals at a different rate. These variable factors make a dental implant surgery difficult to factor into an international itinerary.


Dental implants require a close working relationship with your dental practitioner

Once you have been assessed for tooth replacement options, your dental practitioner will provide you with a proposed course of treatment.

dental implant surgery dental implant malaysia burwoodYou can’t expect another dental practitioner to follow the same steps, use the same dental implant brands or recommend the same time frame as another, and that makes handing over a treatment plan very difficult.

The other reason you need a close working relationship with your dentist is that you need to be monitored for healing, recovery and osseo-integration of your implant after it has been placed. Your dental implant procedure may take 12 to 18 months to complete but you will want to be close to your dentist during the aftermath as well. If you have any concerns or complications, your dentist is the best person to help you manage it.


Good communication plays a role in a successful dental implant surgery

Successful dental implant treatments require collaboration between patients and the dental team looking after you. You need regular consultations and good communication, and if you are working with a foreign language dental practitioner, this might not be as easy as it would be getting your dental implants in Sydney. Some dentists in Malaysia may speak great English but if your dental practitioner can’t, it is going to make communication difficult.


Your rights are protected in Sydney

Dentists in Sydney have regulations and standards to uphold as part of maintaining their professional licenses to practice. Continuing professional education, infection control and practitioner guidelines are just some of the compliances that local dentists must maintain.

If you decide to venture off to Malaysia, you do not have the same level of consumer protection in your favour, in the event that something does go wrong. You would need to be prepared for and deal with any complications or problems that occur.


And … What If Something Does Go Wrong?

There are complications that can occur, but you probably haven’t heard much about them because these complications are not common here, due to Australia’s regulatory frameworks.

The more common complications that can arise from dental implants in Malaysia include

  • Using implants that are too small
  • Direct loading of dental implants because of time constraints, which may lead to loose implants
  • Infection at the implant site
  • Inadequate planning (which may interfere with pre-implant screening) leading to implant failure in patients who should not have had dental implants
  • Using brands of implants whose replacements are not available in Australia


Are Dental Implants In Malaysia Worth The Risk?

Dental implants are permanent tooth replacements that when performed by a skilled and experienced dentist using high quality implants, may last for the rest of your lifetime. It makes sense to do it right the first time.

When you understand the amount of planning, financial investment and time that needs to go into each dental implant surgery, it stands to reason that you wouldn’t want to go through it all a second time. Have your dental implants done in Sydney rather than be tempted by dental implant Malaysia.


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