Getting Dental Implants Overseas: Know the Risks!

Have you been thinking about getting dental implants overseas? It might seem like the best way to get valuable restorations for a fractions of the usual price. Plus, you can throw in an exotic holiday, to boot.

Dental professionals at Dental 266 and all over the country urge caution, however, if you are thinking about taking your dental care abroad.

A lot can go wrong when you schedule an appointment for an overseas dental implant. You need to be prepared to face several serious risks.

You Can’t Verify the Credentials of an Overseas Dental Implant Provider

Not all countries have the same regulatory standards that Australia does. A dentist can have a fancy website with claims of extensive experience, but will you have any way to know that they are what they say?

You Will Have Little Legal Recourse If Something Goes Wrong

As a citizen of a foreign country coming in for dental treatment, you may not have the legal rights you think you do. If your overseas dental implant doesn’t turn out to meet your expectations, you might not have a choice but to take it as-is with no refunds or retreatment.

Even worse, you could fall into the hands of a very unscrupulous dentist who deliberately cheats you. You’re more likely to encounter this scenario in a country where you can’t take any legal action against a dentist.

You Have Higher Chances of Catching a Dangerous Infection

Some dental clinics abroad make an effort to maintain a clean environment. But not all are held to the same standards as dental offices in Australia. You could be putting yourself at risk for picking up a dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection by pursuing a dental implant procedure abroad.

You May Be Pressed for Time

What will you do if your dental treatment in another country ends up taking longer than anticipated? You may have to pay extra to reschedule your flight home and stay an extra week in the hospital.

There’s also the pressure to make the most of your time there in the cheaper country. You might be tempted to get some cheap fillings and root canals in addition to your implant while you’re there. Scheduling too much dental treatment in a short amount of time increases your risk for medical complications and infection.

You May End Up Spending Far More Money Than You Intended

If you are disappointed with the results of your dental implant treatment abroad or if something went wrong, then you’ll have to get it redone. You’ll end up having to pay that sum you originally wanted to avoid in addition to the thousands you wasted on overseas care!

dental implants in burwoodCheck with a Local Dentist Before Getting a Dental Implant Overseas

Play it safe if you’re interested in getting a dental implant. Stick to an area that has laws, regulations and standards you can rely on. Consult a local implant dentist to learn more about getting an implant. You might be surprised at how affordable implants in Australia can be!

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