Dental Veneers in Thailand – The Risk of Going Dental Overseas

If you’re considering getting dental veneers, Thailand seems to be a great place to visit. The prices are way cheaper than here in Australia and, even better, you can extend your stay and treat yourself to a vacation. What could be better than a spot of sightseeing, tasty new food, and a dazzling white smile to bring back home with you? 

Around 15,000 Aussies travel abroad each year lured by the lower price of cosmetic dentistry. Check out a quick price comparison below. 


Dental Veneers – Thailand vs Australia Price Comparison

The price of dental veneers in Australia depends on the number of veneers and the type of materials used. If you choose porcelain veneers, you can expect to pay up to $2000 per tooth while composite veneers will set you back around $800 per tooth. 

Conversely, dental veneers in Thailand cost between $350-450 for porcelain and $250-300 for composite. 

We totally understand the appeal of what seems to be a bargain, but equally, it beggars the question of why the prices are so cheap. 

Typically, the decision to travel overseas for cosmetic dentistry such as porcelain veneers is all about saving money. While it’s true that there are savings to be made initially, the reality is that things can go wrong and when that happens, those savings can quickly disappear, and you may even find yourself out of pocket. 

For some time, The Australian Dental Association has been urging people to be wary of going abroad for dental work and cites the following risk factors to consider.


Dental Veneers in Thailand – The Risk Factors  


Standards may not be as stringent

possible risks dental veneers thailand burwoodNot all countries operate to the same high standards as Australia. Our dentists are trained to an extremely high standard, have to be registered, and must operate in an environment that adheres to strictly regulated levels of sanitation and infection control. 

If you receive a cosmetic dental treatment from a ‘backstreet’ dentist in Thailand that has lower hygiene standards than at home, you could be exposed to bacteria or viruses from equipment that has become cross-contaminated.

Undergoing cosmetic procedures in an unclean environment also raises the risk of contracting bacteria or viruses that are carried in the blood such as Hepatitis B and C or HIV. Moreover, the water used in foreign countries such as Thailand could also contain bacteria that may make you sick. 


Doctors may lack experience and qualifications

Another reason for the low cost of porcelain veneers in Thailand is that the dentist you choose may not be as qualified or experienced as their counterpart in Australia and may be using inferior materials. This increases the risk of veneers that don’t fit properly and don’t blend in naturally within your smile. 


Too many stages, too little time 

Fitting porcelain veneers usually requires 3 or 4 trips to the dentist taking place over 2 or more weeks. 

As with any cosmetic dental procedure a consultation is required. This is to air your concerns about your teeth and discuss your objectives. Your dentist will also want to discuss your oral and medical history and examine your teeth and gums. He should then explain the procedure and its benefits and disadvantages. 

The second appointment is to measure and assess your teeth and take photos and impressions. 

The third appointment will be to prepare your teeth, carry out any gum shaping, and fit temporary veneers. These are usually worn for around 2 weeks while your permanent dental veneers are being made. 

The fourth and last appointment will be to remove your ‘temporaries’ and place your permanent veneers. 

Trying to squeeze all of these appointments into a week’s vacation per se, could put you at risk of complications even if the work has been performed to an adequate standard. 


Things can go wrong

Things can go wrong in the dental chair. The difference is that when the work is being carried out here, there are highly-trained dentists close by that can perform any corrective procedures. But, when you’re undergoing treatment in Thailand, you may find yourself cut off from the emergency care you need

Unless you are planning a lengthier stay while you get your porcelain veneers, any potential complications could arise once you get back home. It’s likely that you’ll need to see a dentist in Australia to fix any problems and this may well cost more than you paid for the treatment in Thailand. 

One of the main concerns of going overseas for dental work is lack of accountability.

If you receive dental treatment abroad and something goes wrong once you’ve left that country, it can be a challenge to receive follow-up care from that particular provider, especially if they’re a 9-hour flight away. Plus, as a non-resident, it may be impossible to hold the dentist accountable for any damages once you are no longer in that country.


Dental Veneers in Sydney

When you’re considering dental veneers, Thailand certainly sounds appealing but if your main objective is to save money on the price of dental veneers, there are ways to do this at home. Many dentists offer promotions on cosmetic dental treatments including porcelain veneers. Failing that, most dentists offer flexible finance options allowing you to pay for your treatment in convenient instalments. 

Don’t take chances with your oral health – stay at home instead. Call Dental 266 on 02 9051 0600 or schedule a consultation online. We provide high quality porcelain and composite veneers delivered by first-class experienced professionals.

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