Full Dentures Cost in Australia – Why Prices Vary

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Full dentures cost Australia may be a concern if you or a family member has been recommended them by their dentist. Before discussing the price, however, let’s quickly explain what they are and all you need to know about dentures.


What are full dentures?

Dentures are custom-made false teeth fitted to a gum-coloured base and designed to replace missing teeth. Where partial dentures are for people missing one or just a few of their teeth, a full or complete denture is intended to replace all of the teeth in the upper, lower, or both jaws. Modern-day dentures are more lightweight and natural looking than ever before and for many people are a cost-effective solution for missing teeth.

Okay, so now we know what they are and what they can do, what about the dentures price?

Well, the short answer is that a set of full dentures herein could set you back up to $3800.

Now here’s the long answer…

You notice in the sentence above we used the words could’ set you back up to $3800’. That’s because there is a whole load of contributing factors that may sway the dentures price. These include things like the type of dentures, the type of dental materials used and of course, the manufacturing fees.

As such, it’s difficult to give a ‘one price fits all’ dentures cost as each case is different. With this in mind, when you’re considering the best full denture for you, one that fits into your budget, and one that fits you perfectly, there are several factors you really should consider.


Quality of materials – Cheap dentures vs expensive dentures

It’s true that dentures do take some getting used to which is why it’s important that they fit comfortably. Looking to the longer term, it’s probably best to pay as much as your budget will allow. The reason for this is as follows:


Although cheaper materials may be kinder on your wallet, they may not offer the comfort and functionality that daily wear requires. Alternatively, top quality materials combined with the latest dental technologies will often give better results and a more comfortable fit.



In most cases, metal-based dentures are more expensive than plastic or acrylic because they’re stronger and more durable. However, when asking the question “how much do dentures cost?” if the price tag is way lower than you’d expect, then you might want to check with your provider to ensure that impure alloys haven’t been used in their manufacture.


This type of denture can’t always be considered biocompatible since impurities in the alloys can cause allergies and in some cases, may even cause harm.


Full dentures cost Australia – Laboratory fees and charges

Check DentalimplantSydneyns.com.auUnfortunately, not all dental laboratories are created equally – especially when it comes to manufacturing dentures. In a competitive market, dental laboratories are always looking to land more business. While some do this by providing their continual high-quality prosthetic work, others can only compete in the way that they know how – on price!


So how do dental labs manufacture cheaper dentures? By using cheaper materials to keep costs down. As we’ve already mentioned, cheaper denture materials aren’t always the best for the patient. But that’s not all…


In addition and in order to turn around products quickly, they may neglect to pay sufficient attention to detail such as adjusting the bite for a more refined finish and polishing the teeth to give a better looking, natural appearance.

Full removable dentures are an affordable, quick and painless method of reconstructing your mouth and giving you back an attractive smile. The one drawback that many people complain about, however, is that dentures can take on a life of their own.

Over time, as bone loss continues, dentures can become loose. When this happens they can start to shift around in the mouth – doing so at the most inopportune times, often causing a great deal of embarrassment. Not only that, when dentures become lose they can start to rub on the gum causing discomfort to the wearer.

The good news is that there is an alternative, One that is fixed into position and one that won’t slip and slide. However, when it comes down to the full dentures cost Australia, be prepared to pay more!


The cost of overdentures vs the price of having peace of mind

Overdentures are held in position by dental implants which are themselves anchored directly into the jawbone.  Usually, as few as four implants are sufficient enough to support a full-arch of dentures. Overdentures can easily be taken on and off and rather than being supported by a mixture of suction and dental adhesive, they clip firmly in place, so they never move.

So, now we’ve explained about full dentures cost in Australia, and the various types, the question is…


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