Clean Your Invisalign Braces In These Easy Steps

Congratulations – if you need to know how to clean Invisalign braces then you’re well on your way to a straight smile. Of course with your new investment comes the added responsibility of taking care of your new Invisalign aligners to keep your smile in great condition. Invisalign braces can store bacteria so it is essential to practice sound dental hygiene to keep them in top condition.

Good hygiene is essential to ensure your new aligners stay invisible, clean and free of odours. While you do need to remove your Invisalign for eating and drinking you do still need to clean them every time you remove them from your mouth.

You have probably chosen Invisalign because it is flattering but take note: you must follow your dentist’s care instructions. Let’s take a closer look at how to clean Invisalign aligners.

Step One: Rinse Your Aligners
Remember to rinse your Invisalign aligners every time you remove them from your mouth. Dried saliva is an invitation for bacteria to breed and can create a bad smell and millions of bacteria breed in your mouth every night while you’re asleep.

Step Two: Soak Your Aligners
Let your Invisalign aligners soak while you are eating or drinking, or while you brush your teeth in the morning for a deep and thorough clean. For best results use Invisalign’s official cleaning crystals to keep your aligners see-through and looking as new as the day you got them.

invisalign-in-burwoodStep Three: Floss And Brush Your Teeth
Using a separate toothbrush, give your teeth a good brush and floss before re-inserting your Invisalign braces. It is senseless to put clean aligners back into a dirty mouth, because this would trap food particles between your teeth and the aligners, which can actually lead to cavities and dental decay.
Don’t forget to floss because food can get trapped between your teeth and your Invisalign braces.

Step Four: How To Clean Invisalign Aligners
Use a soft toothbrush (not the one you use on your teeth) and an anti-bacterial soap to clean your Invisalign braces. Use a gentle brushing technique but be firm. While you don’t want to damage your aligners, you do need to give them a thorough cleaning.

Some cardinal rules for how to clean Invisalign aligners:

Never eat or drink while wearing your Invisalign braces. You can only drink water with them in but it’s probably not a great habit to get into. Eating and drinking can stain your aligners and cause them to smell bad.

Do not use toothpaste to clean your Invisalign braces. Toothpaste can damage the aligners with its abrasive ingredients, making them more noticeable in your mouth and damaging the surface so that it holds bacteria. Some toothpastes give Invisalign braces a sheen that makes them stand out.
Don’t use mouth wash, coloured soaps or toothpastes either, because it is possible to stain the aligners.

Do not use hot or warm water to rinse your Invisalign trays. Invisalign braces are made out of thermoplastic, so if the water temperature is too hot you might end up re-shaping them.

Never store your Invisalign trays in the open air as this attracts bacteria. Always put them in the case after you have cleaned them. If you do forget and leave them in the air, remember to rinse them before putting them back into your mouth.

Remember that failure to clean your Invisalign braces properly can result in them being damaged or very visible in your mouth. Poor dental hygiene can also lead to cavities developing, trapping food particles between your teeth and your aligners.

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