Thailand Dental Implant Vs Dental Implants in Sydney

How far are you prepared to travel to visit a dentist? Across the city? A few suburbs? Perhaps even interstate? How about another country?

The last option seems a little excessive, but with dental prices continuing to rise, many Australians are choosing to travel overseas for their dental treatment. With prices up to 60% cheaper than here in Sydney, getting a Thailand dental implant with a vacation thrown in, sounds like a great idea on paper.

Who Travels to Thailand for Dental Implants?

Well, we don’t have firm numbers, but according to ABC News, nearly 15,000 Australians are travelling overseas for dental treatment of some kind and collectively, are spending up to $300 million on healthcare abroad each year.

Medical Tourism Agencies

If you are dead set on the idea of going to Thailand for your dental implant treatment, there are plenty of medical tourism agencies who can help pave the way. These agencies will arrange everything from your flights to accommodation, and even throw in a spot of sightseeing. They’ll also recommend dental clinics and, in most cases, send your dental records to them prior to your arrival.

Sounds great right? Well, anyone considering going abroad for dental treatment might want to read on.

Teething Problems

In terms of disadvantages, the initial cost can be a surprise, but when measured against follow ups and replacements required by other tooth replacement options long term, the cost is not really that high.

Dental implants are suitable to replace single and multiple teeth, and can also be used to support a bridge, in order to replace multiple teeth.

While the ADA (Australian Dental Association) recognises the growth of dental tourism, they’re also very concerned that people may not be aware of the risks.

If you’re set on going to Thailand, dental implant patients really should consider several important factors before booking their flight. These include:

  • Dentist’s Experience

Many people who travel overseas for dental treatment usually do so for complex treatments. The more complex the treatment is, the more likelihood of something going wrong. And when it does, it can fail big time.

Implant patients need to know about the implications of going overseas for their dental treatment. A Thailand dentist may or may not have the same level of qualifications and expertise, whereas this information is very clear with our dentists in Sydney.

When you visit a Sydney dentist, you can find out where they’ve trained and know that they’re registered. Furthermore, if you’re not happy with the standard of implant work, there are avenues for complaints.

  • Unexpected Costs

If you choose to go overseas for dental implant treatment and things don’t go according to plan, then you could find yourself facing unexpected costs. For instance, what if bone grafting is necessary because of lack of bone in your jaw? You may have to make a return trip to a few months later to have your implants placed. Will your boss let you have more time off work, and can you afford another flight to Thailand?

The dental implant procedure is often carried out in stages and can require several visits to dentist for progress checks. This isn’t a problem with a dentist in Sydney because you can call in during your lunch break or make an after-hours appointment. How does this work when your dentist is based in Thailand?

  • What if something goes badly wrong?

It’s not unheard of for problems to occur with dental implants a few months down the line (usually after you’ve come back home) If your implants have started to fail, then what are your options? You could return to Thailand (at an additional cost to you) but wouldn’t you have major reservations about letting the same dentist loose in your mouth again?

When you have dental implant treatment in Sydney, you’ll be given clear instructions regarding preparation before getting implants, plus post-surgery instructions to follow in order to minimise risks of failure. We’re always at the end of a phone if you’re worried about your implants and will always squeeze you in for a last-minute appointment if necessary, to check things out.

dental implants thailand vs sydney

Getting a Thailand dental implant – Going it Alone

Many people decide to “go it alone” when planning to opt for dental work in Thailand. However, be advised that it’s unlikely that you’ll get travel insurance and, if you’re unhappy with the dental work you’ve had done, then it can be difficult getting back in touch with the dentist. Moreover, even when you do, you may find there is no recourse whatsoever.

If you feel that getting a dental implant in Thailand is worth the risks, then we urge you to do your research before going. When you’re researching “how much does a dental implant cost in Thailand”, our advice would be, don’t just choose the cheapest price. Instead, look at testimonials and comments on forums to get a better feel for the dental clinic. Try and find out more about the dentist’s back ground, their qualifications, and experience. Finally ask for a written quote detailing all that is included in the price. Be aware that often, implant prices are cheaper because not everything is covered!


Why Not Stay at Home Instead?

If you’re still undecided, then why not make the easy choice and stay at home in Sydney for your dental implant treatment?

Our experienced dentists at Dental 266 have placed hundreds of dental implants since 2008 and continue to be kept extremely busy. In fact, we’re one of the leading dental implant centres in Sydney – a fact of which we’re really proud 😊

We offer a wide variety of payment methods so that our dental implants are affordable to everyone. So why not give us a call today on 02 9051 0600 to book your implant consultation? We look forward to meeting you.

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