How White Can My Teeth Get? It Depends On You

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How white can my teeth get”is a common topic of discussion for anyone considering their teeth whitening options. The answer isn’t straightforward since it can depend on a variety of factors such as the natural colour of a person’s teeth, how well their teeth respond to teeth whitening, and the type of teeth whitening products or treatments.

How white should teeth be?

Most of us probably know people that are obsessed with white teeth to the extent that they’re constantly bleaching them, which in the long term could damage their tooth enamel. Natural healthy looking teeth have very subtle shades of brown, grey and even yellow tones in them and aren’t the pure white colour some people perceive. In fact, teeth which are too white look synthetic and distracting – a bit like bright pink hair!

How white can my teeth whitening treatment make my teeth?

This depends on several factors, some which you have control over and some which you don’t. Let’s explain what we mean…..

How White Can My Teeth Get – Factors You Can Control

Teeth whitening method

An in-chair whitening treatment is the fastest and easiest way of whitening your teeth and can often be completed in less than an hour, making it possible for you to get rid of your yellow teeth in your lunch break. Most in-chair whitening treatments involve using a laser light for faster results. Your dentist will help you choose a shade of white that’s right for you by selecting a colour that’s attainable for your teeth from a dental tooth shade chart.

How white can my teeth get with a take-home whitening kit?

On the other hand, you may prefer to choose a teeth whitening method known as take-home whitening. Despite its name, you still need to visit a teeth whitening dentist who will take an impression of your teeth in order to fabricate custom moulds. You can add the whitening gel at home and wear your trays for a set period of time each day. Usually, the results are noticeable within 2 weeks. In theory, the longer you wear your trays, the whiter your teeth will become; but this is something that your dentist will monitor and be able to advise you on.

The concentration of whitening agent

Another factor to consider is the level of hydrogen peroxide in your preferred choice of teeth whitening method. Shop bought take-home kits always contain lower levels of bleach than professional treatments so while you will save money, you may well be disappointed with the results.

How White Can My Teeth Get – Factors Beyond Your Control

Natural tooth colour

Teeth naturally discolour with age as over time the tooth enamel thins to reveal more of the dentin which lies below. Some people have darker dentin than others which can be yellowish in colour, and it’s this which makes the teeth appear yellow. In cases like these, it’s virtually impossible to whiten teeth because teeth whitening products are only designed to lighten the outer appearance of our teeth, the enamel, and won’t be able to penetrate into the dentin. In cases like these other alternatives may be suggested by your dentist such as bonding or porcelain veneers. Why not find out more about the causes of yellow or discoloured teeth?

How can I make the most out of my teeth whitening?

After “how white can my teeth get?” the second question people want to know is “How long will my teeth remain white?” The only way to keep your teeth from getting stained and discoloured is to refrain from the things which caused the discolouration in the first place, whether that be smoking or drinking coffee or tea, or all of these things. Some people may find it impossible to make these changes, which we totally understand, but if you really want to keep your teeth whiter for longer, adopting some of these lifestyle changes will help.

If you’re considering teeth whitening then why not come and talk to Dental 266. As with any cosmetic treatment, it’s important to understand how you want to look. A Hollywood smile isn’t for everyone and we tend to find that most patients are happiest when their teeth look naturally white as opposed to dramatically white. Fortunately, most people can achieve this level of whiteness. Why not give us a call on 02 9051 0600 and book an appointment today.

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