This Is The Best Invisible Braces: A Comprehensive Product Review

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Not everyone is blessed to have straight, shiny, pearly-white teeth. The truth is, most of us see a flaw in the way our teeth look.  This is the fact that most of us realize each time we look at ourselves in the mirror. Most of us have inherited crookedness of our teeth, while some develop theirs as they grow. For those who cannot stop and think about how they can straighten their teeth or bite, we have the perfect solution for you! We covered all the brands of invisible braces and reviewed each one to give you our honest opinion on which is the best invisible aligners that you can find.

Are you ready to go on your orthodontic journey to let you smile your brightest?

Editorial picks

Dental 266 is a well-known Australian clinic that offers many orthodontic procedures and treatments to cater to different people’s stages of malocclusion. While traditional braces are still used up to this day, many patients of ours (and we believe a lot more) are very curious about invisible braces. Imagine just how convenient it is to straighten your teeth, fix your bite,  and not catching people’s attention with your bulky and hideous orthodontic wires and brackets stuck to your mouth. We have gathered all information about the most popular invisible dental braces brands and have come up with our top 9 picks for the title ‘best invisible aligners.’ We carried out several interviews with successful dentists and orthodontists, as well as conducted surveys from different people to find out which brand they trusted, or are willing to trust when it comes to straightening their teeth. After several weeks of gathering data and analyzing the outcome, here are our top 9 list of the best invisible braces, in no particular order.

Best Overall Invisible Braces: Invisalign

‘When it comes to invisible aligners, Invisalign is the household name and brand that most people know and trust.’

Best Specialist-Recommended Dental Invisible Aligners: Candid

‘Candid only partners up with experienced orthodontists to make sure that their treatments work for everyone every time.’

Most Popular Mail-Order Aligners: SmileDirectClub

‘SmileDirectClub started the trend of getting your orthodontic treatment delivered straight to your doorstep; no frequent dental consultations needed!’

Most Affordable Dental Aligners: SnapCorrect

‘Using the same orthodontic plan as other brands would have it, SnapCorrect offers their services at a very affordable price without sacrificing its efficiency and its patient’s satisfaction.’

Most Popular Invisalign Alternative: ClearCorrect

‘If you are looking for a cheaper orthodontic alternative for Invisalign that works just the same way, choose ClearCorrect and you will never go wrong.’

Best After-Sales Customer Service: Byte

‘Byte aligners enter the mail-order orthodontic treatments bandwagon would promise of giving a free lifetime warranty of their treatment plan. Relapse after using byte? Your whole re-treatment is on them, every single time.’

Most Promising Invisible Braces: AlignerCo

‘The company that just started in 2019 is now making headlines as a competitive manufacturer of invisible braces or dental aligners.’

Best Combination Of Mail-Order Invisible Braces And Orthodontist-Led Treatment: Uniform Teeth

‘You get your full arsenal of invisible braces in a package so you can do your teeth straightening procedure in the comfort of your home. But you can also consult Uniform Teeth’s orthodontist during the treatment period for monitoring and additional adjustments and treatment.’

The Most Complete DIY Dental Aligner Package: SmileLove

‘The whole package includes all the invisible braces sets that you need, a storage case, a cleaning and refreshing mouth foam, a free retainer set, and a lip balm that you can use throughout the duration of your treatment. It also has a complimentary whitening kit delivered to your doorstep when you finish your treatment!’

Best Invisible Braces Brands

Let us dig deep into each of the aligner brands so we can understand what makes them stand out, how they work, and how much they cost.




Price: $3000 to $7000 without dental insurance coverage

Duration: Depends on the type of treatment plan (as short as 3 months to longer than 1 year)

The pioneer in innovating invisible dental aligners, Invisalign is everyone’s standard when it comes to the introduction to innovative orthodontics. The first one to ever developed a dental brace alternative that does not use wires and brackets, but instead uses smooth, custom-fitted plastic aligners, Invisalign stole the hearts of many, including top celebrities, who seem to have unending praises for the product.

How does Invisalign work?

Your Invisalign-accredited dentist or orthodontist assesses your dental status using a patented scanner (iTero Element) and gets a 3D image of your teeth so he can create a customized treatment plan. The treatment plan gets sent to the manufacturer and your personalized sets of aligners will be fabricated. As soon as your dentist receives your complete set of aligners, he will let you wear 1 set for 1 to 2 weeks, depending on how complex your condition is. You would have to wear the aligners for 21 to 22 hours daily, with 3 or 4 hours rest so you can eat and clean your teeth. This process will gradually move your teeth into its correct position as the aligners change every 2 weeks.

What makes Invisalign stand out?

Since its introduction in the late 90s, Invisalign has developed several treatment editions in order to address different malocclusion problems and severity. You can choose from the following treatment options:

Invisalign Full. This option is the original and fundamental type of treatment that can cover moderate to severe cases of malocclusion. The full treatment can run for a year to a year and a half (1 to 1 ½ years) just to ensure that the teeth are properly aligned.

Invisalign Lite. This type is compatible with patients who have mild orthodontic problems. The treatment makes use of lesser sets of dental aligners and is expected to run a shorter treatment period. This is a good option if you are planning to have a more affordable Invisalign option for your slightly crooked teeth.

Invisalign i7. Even shorter treatment period when compared to Invisalign Lite, this type only uses 7 dental aligners to guarantee that your teeth alignment will be straightened and corrected. Because the focus or target patients of this treatment include those who experienced relapse from their previous orthodontic treatment, only the front 8 teeth of the upper and lower arches are to be moved.

Invisalign Teen. Because orthodontic treatment is different for teens compared to adults, Invisalign planned an option to address the different problems teens have when undergoing orthodontic treatment. The whole process is the same, but the teen version allows replacement aligners in case the patient loses his invisible braces. There is also an option to revise the plan during the treatment period to consider the eruption of additional molars or other permanent teeth.

Invisalign Express. If you have a very important occasion that you need to attend to, and you only have 3 to 6 months to correct your teeth, this option is the best bet for you. Choose between Express 5 (five sets of aligners for 3 months) or Express 10 (10 sets of aligners for 6 months) to correct your minor teeth alignment issues faster and more affordable. Just be reminded that the treatment effect that it can cause your teeth is far limited when compared to the full option.

Invisalign Go. This treatment option addresses the alignment of the 10 front teeth (up to your second pre-molars). While this type can address mild to moderate malocclusion, not all dentists are able to offer this because some would still need to undergo a dental surgery or elective tooth extractions to qualify.

How much does Invisalign cost?

As we can expect, the treatment cost of getting Invisalign depends on how crooked your teeth are. You can prepare a rough budget of between $3000 to $7000 if you have no dental insurance. But if your health insurance has a dental coverage for orthodontic treatment, expect that they can cover up to $3000 from your full treatment cost.




Price: $2400 (paid in full or may be broken down to $399 downpayment and $99 per month)

Duration: Average is 6 months

Now that the online universe is becoming a normal part of our everyday living, virtual services for almost everything we need is a popular trend. This is what Candid Care Co. had in mind when they offered Candid aligners to the public. This online orthodontic service company made headlines when they introduced their product as a more affordable and convenient way of getting invisible braces without the time-consuming frequent dental consultations and unnecessary additional costs.

How does Candid work?

To start the treatment, Candid only requires two options: you send several photos of your teeth at home and send it to them, or have a single initial consultation at a Candid Studio where an orthodontist performs the assessment for you. If you wish to do everything on your own, you need to get a $95 starter kit that contains the materials you need to get an impression of your dental cavity. Send the kit back so they can determine if you are a great candidate or not. If not, you get a full refund of what you paid for the kit.

Once they determine that you can benefit from the treatment, they will send you the full treatment set which includes a series of invisible braces, a carrying case, and whitening foam that cleans both your aligners and teeth.

What makes Candid stand out?

While there are several Invisalign alternatives that offer the same convenient services at an affordable price, Candid is proud of the way they promise perfection for their online orthodontic treatment.

Candid only works with orthodontists. Other dental aligner options can be offered by dentists and the treatment plan is being customized by general dentists. However, Candid is proud that only orthodontists, specialists who are experts in treatment malocclusion and other dental alignment issues, are the ones they team up with. This means that from start to finish, it is like an orthodontic specialist performed the whole procedure with you.

Candid sends you the whole treatment paraphernalia at the very beginning of the treatment. This way, all you need becomes convenient and within your reach. No biweekly trips to the dentist, no unnecessary costs, and no wasted time in getting an appointment and the remaining sets of aligners.

Candid supports charity. This company is so special and generous that they partner up with Smile Train, a non-government organization that provides international help to patients with congenital dental abnormalities (cleft palate or lip). When you start your orthodontic treatment using Candid, they give a portion of their income to this international dental charity institution.

Candid monitors your progress. Their monitoring is different in that they send texts and notifications whenever it is time to change your invisible braces, and you need to send photos of your teeth so that your orthodontist can track the progress of your teeth alignment correction.

How much does Candid cost?

One of the benefits Candid offers its users is that they provide their services at a much cheaper price tag. The whole online orthodontic treatment can cost you only $2400, compared to other orthodontic options that cost hundreds or thousands more. You can either pay the whole fee up front, or have it divided in months, paying a direct $399 down payment and $99 per month.

Smile Direct Club

smile direct club


Price: Pay $1895 in full, opt to pay $250 down payment and $85 per month

Duration: Average treatment period lasts for 4 to 10 months

When Invisalign entered the picture as the greatest orthodontic innovation, it comes to no surprise that other companies would release their own take of the same product and make it more affordable and convenient so that people would think twice and choose theirs over Invisalign. One of the first companies that came up with their own version of the invisible braces is SmileDirectClub that hailed from Nashville, TN.

How does SmileDirectClub work?

The first thing you need to do if you want to get your teeth aligned using SmileDirectClub is to visit their website and answer a short survey, asking about your previous orthodontic treatments and other essential information. The answers you give them will help the company determine if you are eligible to be a good candidate for the treatment or not. If you pass the screening, you may go ahead and schedule an appointment on their physical clinic or facility nearest to your location, or you can opt to purchase a do-it-yourself starter kit. This package includes all the things you need to be able to get an impression of your dental cavity. Send it back to them and, in a few weeks, you will receive the whole treatment kit at your doorstep. The package includes an LED whitening kit to make your teeth white during the treatment period. Your treatment progress will be monitored every 90 days by an assigned dentist or orthodontist via the images you send online.

What makes SmileDirectClub stand out?

The reasons that make SmileDirectClub a popular contender against Invisalign are so obvious that anybody who matches Invisalign and SmileDirectClub side by side for a ‘weigh-in’ will surely choose the latter at first glance.

SmileDirectClub is cheaper. At an affordable price tag that is less than $2000, Smile Direct Club certainly attracts customers in trying their product.

SmileDirectClub’s invisible braces are made by Align Technology. This is the same company that manufactures the aligners for Invisalign.

There is no need to have scheduled dental consults during your treatment period. Just like many online orthodontic services, all you have to do is follow the instructions and use the aligners as ordered diligently, and you could expect straighter teeth at the end of your orthodontic treatment.

It is a very popular Invisalign alternative. Because it is one of the first companies that started after Invisalign, you can find more reviews and positive feedbacks regarding their services compared with other online orthodontics.

How much does SmileDirectClub cost?

Where Invisalign will cost you $3000 to $7000, SmileDirectClub offers its product at an affordable cost of $1895! You can pay for it in full, making it 60% less expensive than other invisible aligner options. You can also have a monthly plan that involves paying their $250 allotted down payment, and have an $85 fee per month. This cost may become even more affordable if you have your dental insurance coverage.




Price: $1749 for the whole treatment; can opt for a monthly payment plan with $80.84 monthly fee for 24 months (total cost is estimated at $1940).

Duration:  An average of 3 to 18 months

One more online orthodontic service alternative that provides convenience and affordability to its clients is the SnapCorrect invisible braces. Founded after the boom of Invisalign and other dental aligner alternatives, SnapCorrect  aims to provide the clearest, most unnoticeable, fast, and affordable way of correcting your teeth alignment and bite so you can smile more brightly and confidently

How does SnapCorrect work?

Just like many online dental aligner options, the company lets you visit their website and answer a simple survey about your dental status and your expectations of the treatment. If deemed eligible for their services, they will send you an impression kit worth $99 (sometimes at a discounted price at $49). You also need to send in photos of your teeth and smile so the specialist can customize a treatment plan suitable for your assessed needs. Send the starter kit and the images back and answer additional questions to enable SnapCorrect’s dental team to confirm your eligibility and build a stronger treatment plan for you. Once your aligners are ready, they will send the whole set to you with a detailed instructions guide on what to do during your whole treatment period. Within 3 to 18 months, you are expected to flaunt your beautiful smile, highlighting the whiteness and perfect alignment of your teeth!

What makes ­­SnapCorrect stand out?

SnapCorrect has the clearest dental aligners. The company has one advantage that other invisible braces, even Invisalign, do not have. They have the clearest-looking dental aligners ever made. They are so clear, even the wearer could sometimes forget they are wearing one!

The invisible braces are not made using a 3D printer. This may sound like a disadvantage, as many will think 3D printed trays are innovative and accurate. However, the way they manufacture their aligners allows them to manipulate the edges of the aligners so that the contour will seamlessly fit the teeth and not irritate the gums.

SnapCorrect promises whiter teeth after treatment. Also included in your SnapCorrect orthodontic package is a whitening set inclusive of a whitening pen, whitening foam, and its partner SnapWhite whitening treatment kit.

How much does SnapCorrect cost?

You have two options when planning for your SnapCorrect payment. Aside from the starter kit that would already cost you less than $100, you can choose to pay for the treatment in full at $1749. You can also opt for the Smile Now, Pay Later option that requires you to pay the monthly cost of $80.84 to be paid for 24 months. The latter option may be more expensive because the total cost can reach $1940, but you can say that this option is way more affordable and convenient.

Byte Clear Braces

byte me


Price: $1895 for the whole treatment; can be paid using a monthly payment plan via bytepay or third party affiliates like Affirm and Splitit.

Duration: Typically lasts for 2 to 4 months

Another very young Invisalign competitor is byte aligners. This online orthodontic procedure first started in 2017, but it is already creating waves with all the celebrity endorsers raving about their product (with Ben Affleck, LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian on their website page!). Byte reviews are overflowing with stars, some even mentioning that they earned 4.9 stars out of 5, and they are not timid in praising just how great this option is. Let us find out how this young orthodontic company reach these high accolades and see if they are really true.

How does Byte work?

According to their website, the whole process starts typically with how every online orthodontic would. You have to order an impression kit that contains all the things you need to get a clear impression of your dental cavity. At the price of $95, you get gloves, cheek expander, 2 sets of molding trays, and 4 sets of putty. It also contains a very informative guide that has pictures of what impression looks good and what is incorrectly taken. Byte really made it clear that getting correct impressions of the teeth is essential as they created procedural videos of what you have to do. And you can even FaceTime or video call the byte team so they can assist you real-time on how to do it.

Once the impressions are made, you also have to send it back and wait for byte’s decision if you are considered a good candidate for the procedure. Once given the go signal, settle the costs and wait until the whole orthodontic treatment set is given to you. This includes the full set of dental aligners (of course!), the HyperByte, the BrightByte, and an aligner case.

You are instructed to wear a set of aligners for one week and replace it after with a new one. Byte has 2 options in wearing the aligners; opt for the all-day aligners and wear them for 22 hours daily, so you can expect your teeth to straighten in 2 to 4 month’s time. Or, you can choose the all-night treatment where you need to wear your aligners for 10 hours at night so you can expect straighter teeth after 4 to 6 months. Each day, you are required to use the HyperByte, a sole technology created by byte that produces High-Frequency Vibrations (HFV) that somehow massage the tooth roots to reduce pain while using the aligners, and help in gradually moving the teeth by adjusting how the teeth ‘hug’ the aligners.  With the correct wearing of the aligner and the continued use of the HyperByte, byte aligners ensure that their technology is the fastest orthodontic procedure there is.

Byte, like some of the other products we reviewed, include a whitening treatment kit in their package. Theirs is called the BrightByte. They describe it as a 3-in one mouth foam that whitens your teeth, cleans the aligners, and freshens your breath.

What makes ­­Byte stand out?

Byte is considered the fastest orthodontic treatment. Even with the considerations for their all-day or all-night treatment plan, they still break the records based on the experience of many previous users.

Byte has HyperByte. Byte requires using the HyperByte for 5 minutes each day for all-day aligner wearers, and 10 minutes for the all-night users so that the unique FDA-approved technology helps make the teeth straightening and movement faster and less uncomfortable.

Byte has a lifetime guarantee. This is the first that we have seen as we reviewed all other online orthodontic service providers. Byte is so proud and confident of their product’s efficiency that they are willing to shoulder any expense that you will need should you encounter any after-treatment problem. If your teeth alignment moves and gets slightly crooked again, contact them and they will help you put it back to normal for free!

How much does Byte cost?

The whole clear aligner treatment provided by byte costs $1895.  This is exclusive of the starter kit that you have to order prior to the treatment for $95. What makes them different from other providers is that they have their own payment solution called bytepay. This is an exclusive payment plan that they offer with 100% credit approval. All you have to do is pay for the $349 deposit fee. If you want to use third-party financing options, you can inquire about the payment plan using Affirm and Splitit.




Price: Typically $2500 to $5500 depending on the type of ClearCorrect treatment.

Duration: If worn correctly, ClearCorrect promises straighter teeth in 6 to 18 months

ClearCorrect may be the biggest competitor of Invisalign in the field of clear orthodontic aligners. Founded in 2006, this simple business venture was founded by Dr. Willis Pumphrey when he had trouble finding dental aligner makers for his patients. He reportedly decided to manufacture his own dental aligners based on his patients’ specific needs, and over time, more and more dentists signed up for his services and this is when the business blossomed. Now, ClearCorrect is now partnering with more than tens and thousands of dentists worldwide, allowing them to enter the global market the same way Invisalign did.

How does ClearCorrect work?

This orthodontic alternative to Invisalign follows the same way its competitor works. An initial consultation with an accredited dentist or orthodontist of ClearCorrect to assess your dental situation. Impressions, scans, and images of your teeth and the dental cavity will be obtained and your dental expert will determine if ClearCorrect is the right treatment for you and which type of treatment would suit your needs. A specialized ClearCorrect aligner software is used to help your dentist create your treatment plan, then he sends it to the manufacturer to be fabricated. Once available, your dentist will dispense a set of aligners that you have to wear up to 22 hours a day for 3 weeks. Each time you need to change your aligners, you have to check with your dentist so he can monitor your progress and realign your treatment to fit into the estimated treatment period.

What makes ­­ClearCorrect stand out?

It is the direct competition of Invisalign. ClearCorrect completely followed the footsteps of Invisalign, and it made sure that its specifics are considered better than the pioneer brand.

Clear aligners? ClearCorrect uses thinner BPA and phthalate-free polyurethane resin, making it less visible than the Invisalign aligners that are made from thermoplastic material.

Treatment options? ClearCorrect offers 3 treatment courses to cater to its user’s requirements and preferences. ClearCorrect Limited 6, 12, and Unlimited somehow depends on the number of aligner sets a patient needs for his teeth-straightening solution. For instance, the Limited 6 is the direct interpretation of Invisalign i7, Limited 12 is ClearCorrect’s take on the Invisalign Lite or Express, and the Unlimited is the company’s version of the Full treatment course of Invisalign.

How much does ClearCorrect cost?

ClearCorrect’s website reflects figures that would range from $2000 to $8000, depending on the type of treatment that you will get. Considering that it is basically copying how Invisalign works, its cost is a bit cheaper than what Invisalign charges.

Uniform teeth

uniform teeth


Price: Around $2500 to $5000 depending on the severity of your teeth alignment case; its website declares their pricing is 40% less than what Invisalign costs.

Duration: 6 to 10 months, depending on the severity of your malocclusion

If you search for Uniform Teeth on the internet, you will see names like Dr.Kjeld Aamodt, the founder and Chief Orthodontist, and several others who were handpicked to join as consultants and orthodontic partners, either graduates of UCSF or Columbia University. Using these prestigious universities as somewhat proof of the brand’s excellence and efficiency is both a privilege and an advantage in itself. Based on its website, Uniform Teeth is a medical practice of fellow orthodontists who specialize in using clear and invisible aligners to straighten and correct teeth and bite alignment.

How does Uniform Teeth work?

As an advertised direct-to-consumer dental aligner system, Uniform Teeth follows how other orthodontic treatments work under the clear aligners tier. Instead of purchasing a starter kit, you would have to present yourself to a physical clinic of Uniform Teeth so an orthodontist can check your eligibility and your orthodontic condition. Uniform teeth is proud of its 360-degree x-ray and 3D scan of your head to clearly map out a specific treatment plan that can address your needs. They will then manufacture the specific number of invisible aligners needed to properly straighten your teeth and correct your bite, then send it to you so you can start your DIY orthodontic journey.

What makes ­­Uniform Teeth stand out?

There is a bit of confusion when it comes to considering Uniform teeth as a mail-order aligner brand or a direct competitor of Invisalign. Why? It is because the brand combines the two concepts at the same time. How? Consider this: the initial consultation that allows you to be considered as an eligible patient happens inside their physical store/clinic. Once you are found to be qualified for Uniform Teeth, they will send you your full set of aligners. However, there are cases that during the treatment period, patients are requested to report to their orthodontist’s clinic for in-clinic check-ups. It still follows the teledentistry platform of allowing patients to send images to the clinic for monitoring, but some still need to be examined personally by an orthodontist. Uniform Teeth claims that these instances are justified since most patients need additional attention with regard to their orthodontic requirements. This combination may work both ways; it happens to limit Uniform Teeth’s ability to increase its consumers due to its requirements, but it also ensures that each treatment they send out to their users would work with the help of their orthodontic monitoring team.

How much does Uniform Teeth cost?

Uniform Teeth’s website gives the public clear cost information about their moderate and comprehensive orthodontic treatment plans but gives a rough estimate of their complex treatment option. The Moderate treatment, specifically for patients who have minor teeth alignment issues or previous braces users who encountered relapse, a $2500 price tag is assigned. The Comprehensive plan, the treatment required for patients with moderate crowding, spacing, and crooked teeth problems, is priced at $3995. The Complex plan that targets patients with significant bite and teeth misalignment may cost approximately $4995. This costing can still be changed depending on the severity and complexity of your case. All treatment plans can be divided into a monthly installment of $299 each payment.  It does state that their costs are considerably (about 40%) lower than Invisalign.




Price: $1895 in full; can be acquired through the monthly installment of $79 per month for 24 months, with $250 down payment (total cost: $2145)

Duration: The average treatment period is 6 months, but depending on your case, you may need to wear it for up to a year.

Its catchy name just makes this brand an endearing and interesting option for people who would want to avail clear aligners for their crooked teeth. SmileLove is a brand that follows what direct-to-consumer orthodontic products do. What they advertise is that they are a better option because their product is cheaper than the popular ones, and they have great customer service to boot. Let us find out more about this mail-order aligners alternative.

How does Smilelove work?

Just like other mail-order DIY dental aligners, you would have to order an impression kit prior to your treatment, and this would cost you $79. Send the impressions of your teeth back to Smilelove so they can determine if you are considered for the treatment. Don’t worry, if you do not qualify, or if you are not satisfied after sending you their treatment forecast, they guarantee that you get your money back. If you approve and think that Smilelove is the best for you, they will send you the complete orthodontic treatment set so you can get started with your teeth straightening journey. Wear the dental aligners for two weeks each set, and in as early as 6 months’ to a year’s time, you can see that your teeth alignment and smile have dramatically changed for the better.

What makes ­Smilelove stand out?

Its package set is different. Smilelove mails your customized dental aligner package right at your doorstep, and what is included may blow your mind! The box contains all your dental aligners, arranged appropriately based on your treatment plan, a carrying case, tray spray for cleaning and disinfection, post-treatment retainers (yes!), and a lip balm. They will also mail a premium whitening kit after your orthodontic treatment to make sure that your teeth complete its transformation.

They schedule video calls. Not everyone can schedule or squeeze in orthodontic appointments into their schedules, so Smilelove found a way to make sure that you still get the guidance of your orthodontist while undergoing the treatment. Smilelove hired highly-trained staff and orthodontists that converse with you virtually to monitor your treatment progress and allow you to ask questions or address your concerns face to face.

They care about how your teeth look after the treatment. Not all mail-order dental aligners include cosmetic teeth whitening in their orthodontic package. Smilelove knows that because you now have more teeth surface visible that may not seamlessly follow the same shade of all your teeth edges, they will mail a teeth whitening kit to you after you wear your last invisible braces set so that your teeth will look clean, healthy, straight, and radiantly white. You can definitely love that smile!

How much does Smilelove cost?

The pricing page of Smilelove’s website indicates that there are two ways to pay for your orthodontic plan. The first and more affordable way is to pay it in full, the fee amounting to $1895. The other way is to avail their monthly installment package that costs $79 a month, to be paid for 24 months. The latter option will have a total cost of $2145. They also accept HAS/FSA, and they can cooperate with your dental insurance to help you make your orthodontic treatment convenient and hassle-free.




Price: $1145 for one-time all-in payment; cost may be divided into easy installment plans (SmileFlex and Smile Flex Easy)

Duration: Treatment period may be as short as 6 months or may last up to a year depending on your orthodontic needs and requirements.

If the cost for invisible braces is the main issue for you, then AlignerCo may be the answer to all your questions. It is known to be the most affordable clear dental aligners in the US, and it markets itself as one of the competitive mail-order aligners that provide affordability and client satisfaction. As the youngest orthodontic alternative (the company just opened seemingly in 2019), there is very little literature or review available for AlignerCo, but the ones that have reviewed its function and use can vouch that this product is indeed a product that clear aligner manufacturers should watch out for.

How does AlignerCo work?

AlignerCo follows how DIY invisible orthodontic braces work. They allow their users and potential clients to purchase a starter kit that includes an impression set to be mailed back for assessment of eligibility. The kit costs $39.99 for a limited time. The impression you created together with the images you sent to our team of dental specialists will be standard of the treatment plan that they will create especially for you. They will show you a treatment preview using a 2D representation of the procedure and how it will affect your teeth alignment. If you are amenable to the changes and you like what you see, they will manufacture the needed invisible braces to achieve your corrected teeth alignment. If you are not satisfied with their transformation, you can opt to request for a few more modifications until the results please you. You are expected to wear the aligners using the same standard steps; wear them up for 20 to 22 hours a day for 2 to 3 weeks, then replace it with a different set. AlignerCo estimates that the whole treatment process may last for 6 months to a year, depending on the severity of your malocclusion and your compliance to the treatment.

What makes ­­AlignerCo stand out?

Honestly, there are not many reviews and literature that are available for AlignerCo. Because it is a very young start-up orthodontic business, it still has a lot of claims to prove and records to break. Their website, however, states that AlignerCo’s invisible braces are the clearest and handcrafted. This fact somehow makes their invisible braces smooth, and comfortable to wear as they fit on the teeth and do not put pressure on the gums. The material they use is approved by the FDA and is produced by DentsPly RaintreeEssix, Inc.

AlignerCo clearly states the waiting time for their orthodontic treatment process. Some clear dental aligner companies put little information about how a patient should wait for their complete orthodontic set from the time they receive their impressions kit. AlignerCo, however, aligns (pun intended) its customers’ expectations regarding the waiting time and justifies the long interval due to its meticulous assessment and quality assurance purposes.

When you purchase your impression kit, be ready to wait for 3 to 5 business days before you receive it. Once you send back your impressions, you have to wait for 12 to 14 business days before you receive a treatment preview that shows you the before and after 2D imaging of how your teeth and smile would look. If you are satisfied with your treatment preview and would want to push through with your AlignerCo treatment, you can pay for the whole package depending on whichever way of convenient for you. After payment, you can expect that the whole package will be delivered to your doorstep after 17 to 21 business days. In conclusion, an estimated 5 to 7 weeks of waiting time is necessary for you to start your orthodontic journey.

How much does AlignerCo cost?

AlignerCo has 3 payment plans to offer its customers, namely the SmileAdvantage, SmileFlex, and SmileFlex Easy.

SmileAdvantage lets you pay for the whole orthodontic treatment, from the impression kit to the aligner package for an affordable one-time payment of $1145.

SmileFlex is an easy installment plan that lets you divide your fee into 12 monthly installments of $110. The total cost will be $1320. You can use your Visa Credit or Mastercard Credit when you choose this payment option.

SmileFlex Easy is the third option that lets you pay a down payment fee of $275 and divide the rest of your orthodontic cost into 11 easy payments of $95 per month. The total cost is also $1320, and all major credit cards are accepted.

Pros and Cons of Mail-Order Clear Braces (Direct-To-Consumer or DTC)

benefits of using clear alignersIndeed, science and technology make everything easy and accessible for people to have, and orthodontic treatments are just one of the key ways on how people can feel this change. Innovation and digital marketing are providing everyone the capacity to access orthodontic procedures, no matter how rich or financially-challenged you may be. But we have to be honest; there are still some holes in the system that needs polishing, although its intent is pure and patient-centered. Here are some of the obvious and proven advantages and disadvantages of getting direct-to-consumer orthodontic treatments.

  • It is accessible to anyone as long as the product can be delivered to your location.
  • It does not require additional costs for frequent dental appointments.
  • It saves time and effort in going to and from your dentist/orthodontist
  • You are fully in charge of your teeth correction.

These are just some of the proven facts that one should be aware of when taking into consideration the use of DIY teeth alignment products. We are sure that there is someone more reliable that you can talk to for guidance and clarification. Trust that Dental 266 and all its dental staff and experts are willing to listen to all your concerns and give you intelligent and sincere answers and recommendations.

Dental 266 is following firm rules and regulations regarding its research procedures and has conducted well-organized surveys and interviews based on scientific data. It also sources out peer reviews and dental research studies from reputable academic institutions as well as international dental associations.

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