Are You Considering Teeth Whitening Bali To Save Costs?

While the idea of an exotic holiday is very appealing, it isn’t necessary to resort to teeth whitening in Bali to get a brighter smile. At Dental 266, we offer the Pola range of teeth whitening treatments, which is available for our patients’ convenience, right here in Sydney. Pola offers a range of treatments for everyone, and is a safe and affordable way to achieve a brighter, whiter smile.

The Case For Dental Tourism 

Many Australians embark on dental tourism in search of cheaper dental procedures, but these trips carry an element of risk. Fortunately, whiter teeth are easier to obtain than ever before – whether you’d like the professionalism of the dentist’s chair, or you’re interested in a take-home teeth whitening treatment.

What Are The Risks Associated With Teeth Whitening Bali?

In order to penetrate the tooth enamel and remove the intrinsic stains on your teeth, your whitening treatment must contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

The hydrogen peroxide – or bleaching agent – needs to be a certain strength in order to obtain your desired shade of whiteness. But it also needs to offer a level of protection so that your tooth enamel and soft tissues are not damaged by the exposure.

The Advantages Of Using Professional-Grade Whitening Products

Follow the correct checks and balances

It’s important that you have a thorough dental check up before any whitening treatment, even if you’re going to whiten at home. This is to ensure that your mouth is free from cavities and that your teeth and gums are in a healthy enough condition to manage the whitening process.

It’s often up to the dental practitioner to ensure this happens, because patients aren’t always aware. If your dentist in Bali doesn’t make a point of insisting, this part of the procedure may be neglected, and it could cause long term damage to your teeth.

Collaborate with your dentist for best results

When you use a professional product like pola, which has been in operation since 1972, your dentist can achieve a predictable result. Before you start whitening you will have a consultation with your dentist, where you will discuss your expectations for your teeth.

teeth whitening treatment teeth whitening bali burwoodYour dentist will show you what type of results you can reasonably achieve, using the pola shade guide. When you can communicate effectively, both in terms of speaking and listening, you are more likely to be satisfied with the end-result.

If you visit Bali you do have language and comprehension issues to be aware of. And while there probably are a number of dentists in Bali whose English is understandable, it’s not worth taking a chance over.

Follow up care

When you work with a local dental practitioner, you have someone to turn to for follow up advice and top up treatments. Remember,  your teeth are not going to stay whiter forever. There will come a time when you will want a top up or another teeth whitening treatment, and a trip to Bali is not the most convenient way to do it.

Appreciating the protective framework in place in Australia

In Australia it is now law that only registered dental practitioners are allowed to administer a teeth whitening treatment that contains more than 6% hydrogen peroxide. This has been done for consumer protection, because studies showed an overt misuse of product, by practitioners and consumers.

This is not the case elsewhere in the world. It may be possible to bypass this restriction in Bali, and some patients may not even be aware of it, leading to over-bleaching, damaged tooth enamel and burnt gums and soft tissues.

Safe Teeth Whitening Is Readily Available In Australia

It makes sense to have your dental needs taken care of by your family dentist in Sydney – teeth whitening included. It isn’t worth travelling overseas for a dental treatment that won’t last forever, for a procedure that is just as easily available from your dentist in Sydney.

Pola Is A World Standard Whitening Product

You should only use products that have a proven track record of success and safety. If those products were only available in other countries, it would make sense to go out and find them, but pola teeth whitening is available in Sydney.

Teeth whitening shouldn’t be considered an isolated treatment but should be incorporated into your overall dental management plan. your dentist is in the best position to assist you with teeth whitening.

Still have questions about teeth whitening in Bali? It’s time to get a local opinion – please contact us and we will evaluate your smile: 02 9051 0600.

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