Cheap Dental Implants – Can you Afford to Take the Risk?

When it comes to a long-term solution for replacing missing teeth, most people are agreed that dental implants are the way to go. This procedure, however, requires specialist training and expertise coupled with top quality engineered implants. As a result, it can be a risky move if you prioritise cost over the quality of the dental implants.

The condition of your teeth and the state of your oral health plays a huge part in your overall well-being and the quality of your life. An attractive health smile makes you feel more confident and a fully-functioning bite makes it easier for you to eat what you like and get the necessary nutrients into your body, too. Therefore, any major decisions you have to make regarding your oral health should never be taken lightly.

If you’re missing a tooth or teeth, then one of the options your dentist is likely to recommend is dental implants.

Due to the precision planning, expensive materials, and expertise required to place dental implants, the procedure costs considerably more than bridges or dentures. Because of this, people are often tempted to seek out cheap dental implants. Unfortunately opting for cheap treatment can put you at risk of experiencing short- and long-term difficulties.

This post discusses 3 of the risks associated with getting discounted dental implants, and why it’s worth spending more for a better quality of service.


Cheap hardly ever means good

While the word ‘cheap’ is sure to catch your attention when buying certain products or services, when it refers to medical procedures, you really should be wary.

When you visit a dentist, you’re placing all of your trust in them, assuming that as a professional they know what they’re doing. In fact, you’re literally placing the safety of your teeth in their hands. When they’re advertising cut-price or cheap dental implants, then alarm bells should ring as it can only mean two things:

  • Either the dental implants being used are of low quality; or
  • The dental surgeon lacks the experience and will, therefore, look to leveling the playing field by competing on price.


Poor quality of the dental implants

While there’s no reason to assume that all cheap dental implants are poor quality, it is, without a doubt, a risk you need to consider. A cheap implant could fracture and need replacing, or you could find that it hasn’t been placed correctly due to lack of experience on the part of the dental surgeon.

Getting discounted dental implants from a ‘back-street’ clinic can also cause other serious problems which could impact your wallet as well as your teeth. For example, if their work is negligent and you can’t get your money back, you may have to file a complaint with the Australia Dental Board and even pay to get your teeth fixed at another dental clinic.

By choosing the right dentist in the first place, there is less risk of you needing corrective dental work further down the line.


cheap-dental-implants-burwoodMore risk of health issues from poor dental work

It’s vital to remember that placing dental implants requires a degree of surgical skill that comes with experience. When considering dental implants, always ask during the consultation how many implants the dentist has placed and what has been the success rate. Any dentist worth their salt will happily discuss their experience with you and show you relevant testimonials from happy satisfied patients.

Remember, sacrificing quality surgery just to save money is more likely to leave you open to the possibility of experiencing health problems in the future.



Poor hygiene and infection control

If hygiene isn’t as good as it should be, and surgical instruments haven’t been properly sterilised then short-term problems such as infection could occur. Infections can be painful and cause the gums to swell, disturbing the implant site and causing the implant to loosen. If the infection worsens, there can also be problems with the sinuses and soft tissues in the mouth.


Incorrect implant placement

Long term problems can be caused by a variety of reasons. For instance, if the implants have been placed incorrectly in the jaw, either at the wrong angle or the wrong location, the patient may experience difficulty chewing which puts an additional burden on the implant which could lead to bone loss. When this occurs, the implant loosens and creates a pocket in the gum which acts as a magnet attracting bacteria and food to it; thereby, creating the perfect breeding ground for infections to thrive.

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