Why Teeth Darken And What Your Best Teeth Whitening Options Are

teeth wthitening

So, you’re concerned that your teeth aren’t as white as they once were and you really want to do something about it. Firstly, don’t worry because you’re not alone. Did you know that around 55% of Australians feel the same way about their teeth? As a result, more and more people are seeking out safe hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening options. While there are a number of hydrogen peroxide fixes available, have you ever wondered why your teeth darken in the first place?

While it’s well known that extrinsic teeth staining can occur through lifestyle choices such as smoking or through drinking beverages such as coffee, cola and red wine, there are also a number of other reasons that teeth become discoloured. Some you may be surprised at!

• Excessive use of fluoride – While fluoride is good for the teeth, did you know that overuse can cause brownish or yellow spots known as fluorosis?

• Medical treatments – Certain antibiotics, high-blood pressure medications and antihistamines can also cause slight tooth staining is some cases.

• Thinning enamel – As we age our teeth enamel naturally becomes thinner. As it does so the colour of the underlying dentin (a darker yellow-brown colour) can start to show through, giving the teeth a slightly yellowish hue.

• Micro – cracks – Also as we age, our teeth develop tiny micro-cracks and over time they begin to pick up staining from certain things we eat and drink. This is known as intrinsic staining. Thankfully, some hydrogen peroxide whitening treatments can help.

• Tooth trauma or disease – In some cases certain tooth traumas or diseases can cause teeth to darken in colour.

• Natural transparency – Unfortunately not all teeth are created equal. As a result, some people are born with thinner teeth enamel than others, meaning they may not have the same pearly white smile as someone else.

So now you know that some tooth discolouration is both inevitable and genetically beyond our control, Maintaining good oral health using your selected toothpaste and toothbrush (electric or manual) keeps your teeth in natural look. Also, the good news is that there are hydrogen peroxide tooth whitening options which can help. Let’s take a closer look…

Teeth whitening strips

Whitening strips offer customers a DIY option to teeth whitening that doesn’t entail professional supervision. They are in effect thin pieces of flexible polyethylene (an elastic type of plastic) which are coated with small amounts of hydrogen peroxide. The idea is that each package contains around two-week’s worth of disposable strips which worn over the teeth for around 30 minutes a day. At the end of the time you should see whiter teeth. These can be purchased from most pharmacy’s or supermarkets but because they’re a general ‘one-size-fits-all‘ product, they don’t take into account teeth position and starting colour, so results can be a little hit and miss.

Take home or tray-whitening

teeth wthiteningIf you’re seeking an effective quick-fix solution to your teeth whitening problem, then it doesn’t get any better than in-chair teeth whitening. Sometimes known as laser teeth whitening this process is carried out chair-side under the guidance of a dental professional. Because higher quantities of hydrogen peroxide can safely be used, patients can expect to see brighter whiter teeth after just one hour of treatment.

The advantages are that each treatment is tailored to your needs until the right degree of teeth whitening is achieved. But also because a hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to each tooth evenly, you’re far less likely to suffer from uneven whitening.

In-chair teeth whitening

As a hydrogen peroxide treatment, take-home or tray whitening kits offer some middle ground between DIY options and a fully supervised teeth whitening service . While as the name suggests the magic happens in the comfort of your own home, it’s controlled and supervised by your teeth whitening dentist. This enables them to use stronger quantities of hydrogen peroxide than the ‘supermarket whiteners’, so it’s pretty effective. During this process custom made trays are filled with a measured quantity of whitening gel which are worn over the teeth either during the day or at night for a period of weeks until the desired degree of whiteness is achieved.

So here you have it… 3 of the best hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening options available!

If you’re looking for teeth whitening services near you, then look no further than Dental 266. We use Pola White chairside and take home systems to ensure effective results every time. To find out more contact us on (02) 9051 0600.

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